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Black Sun Covenant <<BC-RP>>

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[align=center]When you gaze upon the holy icons of The Fury, what do you see? Do you see a warrior ready to protect her people? A mother with naught but love for her children? What I see is a goddess tired of mediocrity. These outsiders have ripped purity from its rightful place and put a spineless sycophant upon the throne that only Halone herself can ordain. She seethes in disgust- I can hear it upon the wind. Her patient visage is ready to crack and give way to something far, far more wrathful. Just you wait.[/align]


IC information:


The Ishgardian Orthodox Church, much like the rest of Ishgard, has not fared well in the political turbulence that has washed over the city like a black tide. In one last attempt to restore the Holy See to its former glory, a small band of pilgrims plans to make its significance known to all. Known as the Black Sun Covenant, these radical missionaries travel Eorzea preaching the word of Halone and doing all that they can to earn The Fury more eager supplicants. Eager to sink their nails into anyone that could be of use in bolstering the congregation of their goddess, they stand ready to use all means necessary to crown The Fury -- and Her newest Archbishop -- as the supreme authorities of the realm. Guided by the dogmatic scriptures and bound by unfaltering reverence, the Covenant is ready to leave the monolithic walls of the Holy See to let their faith bloom from both their holy sermons and the points of their swords.


OOC Information:


Black Sun Covenant is a brand new religious paramilitary free company here to both soothe and shake the peaceful people of Eorzea. Driven heavily by story and personal character development, it's a perfect fit for anyone trying to find a right balance between their character having a higher calling and a feeling of independence. The zealous overtones of the free company and its morally grey methodology make it a good place to experiment beyond typical character alignments as well as a good place to find a free company that will heavily impact your character's daily life. Due to the nature of our pilgrimages, we do not have a guild residence -- and we require you to be away from your own home so that the word of The Fury may be spread to distant lands.


For those interested in joining, our website has a simple and concise application process that can be followed. Isarn Lacordaire, Eligeant Aurifouille, and Ragi'zi Jiube can all be contacted in game if you have any questions regarding the recruitment process. A link to our Discord and an invite to our Linkshell will be provided upon application approval.

Due to their poor standing in Ishgard, Au Ra need not apply.

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