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Claire Hargrave/Sayuri Kanno

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So I swear I'm gonna make one of those wiki things, but in the meantime...


Name: R'eiya 'Claire' Hargrave

Sex: F

Race: Seeker of the Sun

Age: 19


Rp Style: I prefer swashbuckling adventure to guts, torture n Gore. Not to say I'd 100% shy away from mature themes but would need to OOC discuss it first. Claire is a healthy dose of comedic relief, but can be serious (she can, I swear!)


Rp Romance: Claire is bisexual and partial to 'right-sized' folks (midlanders, miqo'te, and female au ra. Sorry tall/small folk!) While I do enjoy romance rp, And hope Claire finds someone... she is 19. She's more apt to date around then fall instantly in love with the first person to ask her out. She also has a lot of shit she wants to do, and will spend ample time adventuring with allies and friends, so romance rp will not always be her first choice. I am fine with fade to black or mature romance.


Other Relationships: Claire was raised in an orphanage and doesn't know her heritage. I know she's a Raptor, and would love to set up fellow tribesmen introducing her to her past, or established relationships with other orphans she grew up with. Let me know!


Rp Combat: As I said I'm not a blood and guts person, but I do love action and combat. I'm fine with either dice or freeform, provided there is OOC communication first to ensure our styles dont wildly clash.


Views on Lore: Claire is an engineer and actively seeks to push the boundaries of technology in Eorzea, which may make some people uncomfortable. But I do try to base everything on lore.


Log-in Times: You can usually find me after 10pm US EST, or throughout the day Wednesday/Sundays (my two days off). I can often log on a little earlier for rp appointments though.


Name: Sayuri Kanno

Sex: F

Race: Raen

Age: 24


Rp Style: Sayuri is my 'social' character (though Claire is pretty sociable too). She's a singer/songwriter/violinist who'd love to perform for your restuarant/bar/FC event! Just hit me up here or in game!


Rp Romance: Because of her background and current state of mind, any romance with Sayuri would take a long time to develop. We're talking months. Hopefully she'd be worth the hassle ^^;. Sayuri believes herself to be heterosexual. Read into that what you will.


Other Relationships: At this time I have no pre-existing relationships to develop with Yuri. But I would absolutely love for her to find fellow musicians to play and perform with.


Rp Combat: At this time, Sayuri will not participate in combat RP.  However, if there is anyone out there with extensive knowledge of the AST storyline that can help her figure out these headaches she's been having.. 


Views on Lore: I don't foresee Sayuri causing any lore problems.

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Jokes aside... I had the pleasure to RP with both characters and must say, it was so much fun. Don't be afraid to reach out to either Claire or Sayuri. I give them my wholehearted commendation.



Cheese stop produce-ing so many food puns.

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