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Ecclesia Innova

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[align=center]Ecclesia Innova[/align]

[align=center]In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil. Here we gather in the abyss between[/align]






IC Stuff

Ecclesia as it is simply called is a modest estate tucked into the tranquil reaches of the Lavender Beds. To most, we appear to be a simple tavern and refuge offering work and boarding to those that would seek it. Though, behind the shadows therein lies a small den of academics, sorcerers and magi of forgotten times. Theologians that practice and build their crafts among those that would welcome them, taking the strange and abnormal contracts when they can. Specializing in aetherology and the banishment of voidal troubles.

Our unusual nest of experts are skilled, ready to take on novice that seek training and mentors. For those less aetherically inclined, the estate is seeking others to run their tavern.  Brew masters, tavern maids and retainers would be welcome to seek employment in our halls.


OOC Stuff

LS is now open to network among like-minded rpers that seek other who wish to build long term RP story arcs with. We have open world events that we aim to keep small and limited to ensure that participants are engaged and furthering personal plots.

We do have an open tavern/house for more open/free style RP gatherings that members are welcome to use as they like.


Because we are still new and growing, we welcome you to an invitation without the constants of an application. You are welcome to bring a friend or two if you are looking for a small core group of players that are on regular and want to help each other promote their story arcs. Full time commitment is not a requirement as we all have lives outside the game, just communicate any long term inactivates.  



[align=center]To Receive Invitation


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