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Orchid 317


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[align=center]Orchid 317 is a new Hookah Lounge and performance venue located in the Mists, Ward 12 plot 40.  It is small, but it is cozy and they guarantee a good time![/align]


The bar is always open, so swing on by whenever![/align]

[align=center]((Even if no one is IC around to help you, our NPC bartender Denise is there!))[/align]



[align=center]Right now, they are hiring people to work the bar, set up hookahs, clean, cook, and host.  [/align]

[align=center]They are also interviewing Performers- dancers, actors, jugglers, singers, etc![/align]



[align=center]Rumor may have it, that if you’re looking for any sort of work that could be called... unsavory, that they might be able to put you in touch with someone that can get you a few jobs.[/align]

[align=center]  [/align]

((OOC- Orchid 317 is a friendly family style FC.  We have our own house in the Mists, and lots of activities for our members to do.  We are running at minimum one public and one private RP event per week.  We have the ‘legit’ business, which is the hookah lounge and run by Eshea Shyrdak, and our ‘backdoor’ business, which is a smuggling/odd unsavory jobs ring.  Feel free to contact Eshea  or Otgonbayar Shyrdak for information on joining our happy little family!))

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Hey guys!  I play Eshea Shyrdak!  She runs the Hookah Lounge part of the business and I am super pleased to get the ball rolling with the FC!  


Feel free to message me about recruitment or event opportunities.


Swing by Mists Ward 12, Plot 40 to check us out and say hello!

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4/19/17 UPDATE:


Yes hello, I am helping with recruitment things! Feel free to send me a PM through here, poke me IG, or poke me on discord. I'll happily answer any questions you may have.


Events have been going strong within in the FC and we're still holding our weekly events on Thursdays at 9pm EST so feel free to stop by. ^_^

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Sitting behind a bar not working for you? Wanna get your hands wet with the blood of your enemies and make a ton of cash to boot? We've got you covered! The shady backdoor drama that is a life of crime can be yours for the low-low-low cost of your morality!


We're working up black markets, thefts, and even larger heists for the near future! Get in on the ground floor today!

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We hope you all will enjoy Stormblood as much as we are here at Orchid 317. With the release of the new expansion, our members are currently focusing on the content and with this in mind, we're on a bit of an RP hiatus.


With that in mind, we plan to return to our weekly Open Mic Nights on July 2nd and we can't wait to see you until then! If you're still interested in joining even with us on a small hiatus due to the expansion, then feel free to send a PM my way with any questions!

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Now that the Stormblood Hype is... well not over, but lesser- we're back to regularly scheduled RP business!  Our bar is open for Open Mic Night on MONDAY nights, 6pm PDT/ 9pm EDT.  When members are around for RP, we put it up in partyfinder also so if you ever see the bar open, swing on by!


We are also RECRUITING! If you're looking for a new home with friendly family-style RP, then Orchid may be for you! Message Eshea Shyrdak or Otgonbayar Shyrdak for more information!

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