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Interest Check: The Grand Ball

What is your general thoughts on this RP thread?   

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  1. 1. What is your general thoughts on this RP thread?

    • It sounds great, and I would be glad to be in it!
    • Sounds neat, but I can't do it because of other reasons.
    • It needs some work first.
    • Not interested in it.
    • I'd prefer to be in-game.
    • I don't have the time for it.

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You find can the thread in mention here!


I was wanting to see if this was actually anything someone was interested in, so I'll put this poll up and see if can get an opinion on it!


I planned it to be as open as feasibly possible, and the location for it is simply a non-existent and long-unused ballroom somewhere within Ul'dah, (essentially, the only restricting factor). I want to handle it in four parts: the mingling period, the performances and dancing, the late supper, and the aftermath. Of course, it'll never get there on it's own, so I do need others for it.


So...give me your opinion on the idea either by poll, comment, or private message; it all helps! If you want, you can give me any suggestions you have on how I should improve it to make it work better. And regardless, if it's not something that seems like it will work, I can just convert it to a story thread for Rhett with some changes.

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I'll gladly give it a try! Though I can't say much for Muijh's dancing ability.


Sure, go ahead! The thread isn't locked or anything, so feel free to bring Muijh into it. The dancing is optional, but you know, it is a ball after all. :P


On the terms of the poll...

I likely shouldn't have put that in-game option on there. Currently taking almost half of the votes, I have to wonder what responses I would have gotten otherwise.

So far, we have a firm maybe,

...a suggestion to improve it (nothing's perfect after all),

...a "can't get around to it", a not interested (I'm guessing from either a lack of grit or too much of an aristocracy scene),

...three (two) find it good,

...and time does not seem to be an issue.


Hm, well, I'll take this in consideration for how I might make the next one.

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