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The Last Five Years (Closed-Journal-Open to OOC)

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(putting up some appropriate music to set the mood of the story)


Awoken by the pain of the burns, on my chest on my arms and legs and in my lungs......


On my back in what looks like a wagon abit small as my legs somewhat hang out of it my large frame barely fitting in it. The sounds of screams are heard around me as I am taken into a cave in what looks like to be forest.  Unable to speak I turn my head as a Midlander woman and a few others I cannot see from here pull on the small wagon. Its a small group most look to be hurt themselves but are well enough to walk. Something furry lands on my chest.



"Kupoooo..." said the Moogle as it looked into my eyes with a sad smile and a soft voice. "You Highlanders always something to prove, always fighting......". I try to look at it and speak but the only sound that escapes from my bandaged face is that of air.


"Please friend, rest, the world is in tatters right now as is you, we take you back to home right now, you and others, I fix fix you all"


Days past, constantly my bandages are changed, I'm bathed and my wounds healed as best as they can with the limited resources of the cave and the others around me.  A warm hand touches the side of my face and smiles. "My love we are safe, you got us out, and many of the others"


I turn my head to look into the face of a Miqo'te woman. My eyesight is still a bit off so I am not able to really make out her features.   An outline and a voice then nightmares of fires, screams and the wind.



For the next few days I blink in and out of existence, the only thing awakening me is the constant pain from the burns, more of my feeling comes back and my leg is broken, but I still cannot move. My dreams are plagued with....that thing in the sky and the fire. Sometimes those in the cave have to hold me down as I attempt to scream from nightmares. The Miquo'te woman cries as she changes my bandages. I can also periodically hear the whispers of children:


"I have never seen a Hyur Highlander as dark as he" says one child


"He looks like a chocolate man! Is he made out of candy?" says a much younger voice


Occasionally I can hear the flapping of their little wings and feel their fuzzy little hands on my arm. One time the youngest one thanked me.


I have no idea why....


They say it took me nearly six months to recover. When you can barely get a grip on consciousness time no longer matters......

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More time passes  and my body heals. Eventually more join us and with that come a mage or two. A Lalafell, white mage, male. Upon seeing me he smiles and does his best healing spells. They work, my body eventually returns to normal.


My mind does not....


Nothing but flashes and fire in my dream, and more screams. I remember saving many of those that are here from the fire, but...I cannot remember much.. I do not know who the woman is. She tries to tell me little by little every day. About us, about our relationship. About our life in Gridania in the forest amongst the sweeping green.


I still do not remember her....she tries to remain patient with me but I can tell that she is heartbroken. There are times where she simply just stares at me and smiles.


I don't even know what to say....


I try my best to help when I can. My strength returns and I am able to help hunt and gather firewood. Occasionally. the Miqo'te woman accompanies me. She tells me about places where we used to walk together, and have picnics.  She tells me about the times we would chase each other through the green, and the times she showed me how to use a bow and arrow like her people.


And she tells me about the time we met.


I don't remember any of this at all.


During all of this time I find out what happened. Bahamut caused what is referred to as the Great Calamity. The great beast was the cause of the attack. I was in the forest trading furs at an outpost when it all happened. I got many to safety as best as I could.


One day during a healing session the Lalafell white mage speaks of the gods, thanking them for being alive.


At that moment I felt disgusted. "Gods? Where were these gods when our world was put into ruin?" Where were they to stop the screaming and the loss of many lives.?" I could do nothing but turn away as I lie there being healed.


I shall never worship such cowards.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

In the next year I trained, and helped those that were with us. My memories never fully recovered and I never remembered the name of the woman who kept referring to me as her lover. I got to know everyone, the Moogle children and their family and all others who came with us to rebuild. Life was quiet for a time, my strength returned to me, my wounds healed and I regained my vision. Unfortunately my memory was still less together than a shattered window.


The woman held by my side assuring me and hoping that one day I would regain my memory of our life.



I assured her that I would do everything I can to do so.


During the last two years I decided to make my way from the others to rediscover myself and who I am. That poor woman did not deserve the memory of me around especially when I had no idea who she was. I simply could not stand the pain that my lack of memory was causing her.



Perhaps she would be able to start anew with me gone she would not have to look her past in the face, she would not have to sit there silent staring at me hoping that one day my memory would spark and the old times would return.


Bahamut......the name I only heard in stories. I will protect this world against the beast and perhaps then I shall gain back the memory of my love and who I am.


But until then I am Reese Robinson and I wish to rediscover the world......Perhaps this time I may do something differently than before, something to prevent the hell the world was put through.....

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