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Silver Viper <Venom>


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Although we are a very young RP-FC, our underlying story is one we wish to shape as people join us.  Weaving around various plots, schemes and other RP-goodies is something we enjoy very much.  We have RPed quite a bit within the ranks we have,  laying down a solid foundation that will allow any and all characters to find a way to be a part of the journey.  Our main goal was to begin the recruiting process at the earliest stage so that folks coming in do not feel like they can not contribute or have to deal with a massive clique-group.

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Recruitment is still open for the Viper, as we move into a new chapter of our FC story!! 



     "Change is inevitable, my dear brother.  She will take the Viper by force if need be." - Rhydian Silsby to Aedan Silsby taken from current RP events.



Visit our site at silverviperfc.enjin.com or drop us a message in game if your interested of have questions.   Maj'dolene Fierlaine, Rhydian Silsby/Sagan Tosho, or Nyssa Kanasu!


We also welcome folks curious to drop in our FC house if they want to inquire IC, located in the Goblet's 9th Ward, plot #26.  There is usually someone there between the hours of 12pm - 2am EST.

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