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Happy Storm Blood Eve HRPC

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With the big server maintenance fixing to go down I figured I pop back in for a moment to declare my hatred for this as fun as it is. The character creater although limited is way too fun to use. So far my favorites have been female Rogadyn, Female Miqo'te, and female Au'ra. I know its super random but I've been wanting to shout this out in many ffxiv forums tough tie for best girl between Fem Roe and dragon girls.


Also my user name sounds like an Elezen name?

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A few months ago, I used to feel the same way about the character creation. What changed my mind was large scale RP events like the Grindstone. You'd be surprised at how much variety you can have, even if your creation options are limited.





I think we can owe it mostly to glamours and pure creativity. Definitely changed my perspective.

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- u- The limitations isnt my problem its the fact I'm on a entry level acount and in love with the designs of three races and I'm counting the days until I can settle down on one character, get rid of the sprout, reach a respectable level, learn the current balming server lore, transfer and join the fun.


So thats why I'm bent on finding the I like most ^^;

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