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Soul of the Sword <SS-RP>

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IC Info

The Soul of the Sword was originally a company partnered with the Adventurer’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. The company was founded by Sin Faye and Casa Kai. The two had grand adventures and fought to make Eorzea a peaceful place, but Sin Faye eventually died. Full of grief, Casa Kai departed and left the company in the hands of Culpora Norwood, Sin Faye’s apprentice. The company has since then broken ties with the Adventurer’s Guild and established itself as an independent mercenary company, that is a home to all who would seek refuge in its walls. Fighting bandits, monsters, and plenty of voidsent the company is a beacon to those who wish to earn gil and fight for Eorzea’s name.



OOC Info

We are a R8 RP FC with a large house in the Mists [Ward 5, plot 32]. Our focus is to build a strong community and to provide engaging and fun rp. Along with spontaneous rp and casual rp, we also have three weekly events and engaging plot lines. The company itself is a neutral mercenary company but would be closer aligned with 'good' rather than being truly neutral.



The company has a tournament every Tuesday [10 PM EST] to allow members to have a chance to fight one another, to get some practice in, and to fight for a little bit of extra gil. Soul of the Sword also features a full functional restaurant, Soul of the Dragon, to help bring in additional gil and to help mitigate the volatility in pay of the mercenary lifestyle. The restaurant is open on Thursdays [9 PM EST] and we were even featured on the Crystal Chronicle. Lastly, Sundays [10 PM EST], the company calls for all of its members to come fight for their paychecks on the weekly venture. Each venture is different and can either be a standalone mission or tie in with previous plot lines. The ventures are very action packed and feature our own rule set for combat. There are several logs for some previous ventures located under 'DOCS' on the website.



Who are we looking for?

We are looking for mature and active rpers who wish to be part of a friendly community for both ooc and ic. We want people who are active on the character they apply with and have the willingness to initiate and participate in RP. You will only get out of this FC what you put in and we do our best to provide tons of opportunities to get involved and build connections.



ICly we are seeking both mercenaries for the company and staff for the restaurant. We are a neutral mercenary company, free of the usual regulations and restrictions of the Adventuring Guild but we still do our best to help Eorzea and its denizens and the members we seek would do well to have a similar mentality in mind.



How to apply?

You can apply by filling out the application here on the website and by also throwing us an application in game. After the application, we also have an IC interview which will serve as a way to know your character a bit and to officially be introduced to you. You can also contact the following names in game for more questions or if you would like to come over to the estate and do the interview.



L'cielle Lhan

Ajax Avernus

Culpora Norwood

Silvia Kuroi

Chryslinger Starhope

Katalie Mindena

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