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[Balmung] New player LF connections

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Hey, a few days ago i tried the demo one of my friends saw that i was playing and he gifted me the full game and abducted me to his server. When i found out how big the RP community is on this server/game i got so excited so i'm looking for friends to RP with or just do normal mmo shit with in general.


as far as RPing background goes, i RPed heavily back in the myspace days and i play D&D regularly.


i am open to any types of RP, so if there is a type you prefer we can talk about it and see if we can get things going. 


Phase Lotus is a carefree Arcanist, while he gets excited about the world with a childlike wonder he can quickly become dead serious in an instant. in his free time he can be caught in the wild harvesting plants and animals for cooking, in his Free Companies kitchen cooking whatever he can perfecting his craft with an undying passion, in his Free Companies garden or running around the world exploring. he is quick to help people in need. he wants to revive his best friend and guild masters Free Company "And Friends" as a thank you for all hes done for Phase for now he travels the world with his carbuncles Shimmer an emerald carbuncle and Shine a topaz carbuncle and his chocobo Peck'ems.


if you would like to RP or just want a new friend in general feel free to add me

IGN: Phase Lotus


if you have any questions.need more info don't be afraid to ask.

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