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[04-14-2017] RPC Feedback Survey

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Hey all!


It's been about a year since our last feedback survey, and there's been quite a few changes since then. So the staff is interested in hearing what you think of the site, and how you think it could be improved. Feel free to share this survey with your friends who are on or were on the RPC.


The survey is completely anonymous and doesn't require a Google account; just be sure to keep track of your edit link in case you want to change any of your answers. Please try to avoid submitting duplicate entries as well.


All questions are set as "optional", so if you have no opinion on a question, feel free to leave it blank. Otherwise, if you have questions about the survey or want to suggest additional questions, feel free to send a message to any of the staff members or to open up a thread in the Requests and Feedback forum.


The survey will close on May 5th, 2017.


RPC Survey Link

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