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Losing Those You Love, Can Make You Stronger

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Katsu stood near a row of graves, each one with the names of "Bear, Marcus, Jonas, Nana, Kilo Kuroko, and Sarah Kuroko". He stood there thinking of the memories of each of them and on the outside, he seemed to be as calm as the river... But inside he wanted to just bring the next Calamity to the whole world.


"I'm sorry guys... I've haven't been doing my best... I've lost more people..." looks at Marcus and Jonas' graves


 "I shouldn't have taken you to that cursed Manor... I never thought of you two as expendable... You two were... Were..." wipes away the tears from his face and takes in a shaky breath "It doesn't matter... I know this much... I'm gonna make sure I make you all proud... Make sure when we see each other again we can all smile and laugh... As a family...". Katsu then walks away from the graves but a dark figure with a similar physic to Katsu's and grins


"Don't worry Katsu... We WILL make them proud!"

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