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A New Hope

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A group of Mercenaries led by Ayane Mayuzuma, a woman of a steely resolve, determination, and a rather icy stare. It's headquarters are located in the Goblet, and acts as both the office and homes of various members.The FC has connections with all three grand companies, and often undertakes various contracts and missions for them. These missions can from the trivial and safe rank Fs, to the risky rank As. For the adventurers or Mercenaries affliliated with the FC who seek an even more dangerous challenge, they can request to partake in an S ranked mission. These missions usually means life and death, but those brave, foolhardy, or skilled enough would be well compensated for their participation.


The current main goal of the group is to assist in the eventual liberation of Doma, the land that many in the group called or home, from the Garlean empire.


Join us as we work together towards a new era of peace, a happy life, new hope.


We also have a website now! You can freely apply here: http://anewhopebalmung.shivtr.com/



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