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Clan Uragshi

Iron Bride

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Who are the Uragshi? 


We’re a player-made tribe on Balmung that formed from characters that, for whatever reason, either lost or decidedly left their original tribe.  The name “Uragshi” is derived from the Mongolian word for “Forward”, and that is the tribe’s theme - they seek to be forward-thinking and forward-moving, creating new traditions, pushing boundaries, and redefining what it means to be a tribal Xaela that interacts heavily in the wider world.  


The Uragshi consider themselves to be an Eorzean tribe, and as such, have made their main camp in the west, far from the politics and problems of the steppe.  While some would say that means they have given up something that makes them Xaela, the Uragshi would instead counter that it is a return to their nomadic roots to venture out and find new places and ways to live.    As a result, Uragshi are generally more cosmopolitan than your average group of Xaela, and additionally, find themselves far more blessed with the use of aether than their cousins back east.   These things are gradually changing them to be a unique blend of eastern values and western culture.





What is it like to be Uragshi? 


Because the Uragshi clan was formed in Eorzea, not in Othard, they have some unique challenges and perspectives that are not necessarily found in the lore tribes or even player-made ones.


Uragshi are fairly progressive as a whole - they don’t have gender roles, they see LGBT as completely normal to the point of it not even needing mention, and are in fact rather open-minded towards non-Xaela too, seeing them as partners and friends (and even possible clan members, someday).  They have a keen interest in the development and refinement of magic schools into something with a distinctly Xaela flair, and they don’t shy away from dabbling in things that might be dangerous or powerful.  To be Uragshi is to have one foot firmly planted in tradition with the other taking a step into the odd and unknown.


This mindset has some drawbacks.  For example, when it comes to steppe roleplay, we play that canon-powerful tribes like the Oronir and Dotharl treat Uragshi with disdain, being little better than scale-less.   Uragshi have little standing on the steppe, and often times, have to prove themselves in ways that a Xaela hailing from a more known tribe would not have to.   As a small clan, the Uragshi also rely heavily on the friends and alliances they make when they are in the east, knowing full well that without them, the would be quite outnumbered and subjugated without a second thought by a larger, warlike tribe.


When they are in Eorzea, though, they see themselves as ambassadors of Xaela culture, tradition, and values, and do not bow to any other clan.   They are good neighbors to others, regardless of race or origin, and good stewards of the land around them in La Noscea, protecting it from dangerous beasts and bandits.   Limsans generally see them as a harmless enough group, as they are not known to cause trouble and are cooperative, even supportive, of the Maelstrom.






What are the Uragshi up to and where? 


Recently, the clan returned to Eorzea after several moons getting back to their roots, so to speak, on the steppe.   Since coming back home, they have been building up their Vylbrand camp, raising new yurts and building fences to keep their recently received horses in, which they purchased from the Noykin and had brought back west by sea.  


They are beginning to reach out again to Eorzeans, and plan to hold a small festival dedicated to the worship of Nhaama and the turning of the seasons. 




This sounds cool, where do I learn more and maybe join?


You can read more about us on our tumblr - @the-uragshi is the location of our info pages.  You can find more in-depth information about Uragshi values and beliefs, our admission process, clan structure, and more.


Note that we are both a linkshell and an FC - if you are looking for an FC, anyone admitted to our LS is welcome to join if you wish!  However, there's no pressure to do so.  We use the linkshell and discord for communication; the FC is for the purposes of having areas for roleplay - we do not have FC-only events or activities, the LS is welcome to all things.

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Monthly update to reflect any changes!  


Much of the clan is heading to Kugane in search of a merchant that can help them transport a herd of horses across the sea, so if you're looking to meet with them, for any reason, Kugane is your best bet for the near future.

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If this is still going I would like to join as a ally of the clan.


Hi there!  We really don't have an "ally" rank so to speak; we give linkpearls to clan members and only very specific characters (itgesen) outside of the the clan.  As we handle all of our joining in-character, I invite you to make contact and get to know us IC!   You can see information about joining in the "How To Join" tab both here and on our site. 


As an aside, if you're a Xaela RPer simply looking for more Xaela RP in general, feel free to message me and I can get you a link to the community Xaela Discord group, which has been super active lately and help you get a foot in the door.


Thanks for your interest!

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Update that the tribe is now on the steppe, and will be for the next moon at least.  You should be able to find us around Reunion on some nights!


Also, we did end up making a FC after all, but... it is the FC that doesn't do anything.  We're only hoping to get a house someday to use for our camp.  So if you see [Xaela] that's us!  Or one of our alts.

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