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Mi'qote looking for connections!

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Heya~ I'm kind of new at this game, but I've been leveling up pretty fast (Pugilist level 21) and lately, I've been looking for some people to roleplay with! I'm planning to server transfer to Balmung asap, as of now though, I'm on the same server, so if any of y'all are up for some roleplay, I'm sure we can make a cross-world party in the meanwhile!


My character is a Mi'qote, Seeker of the Sun who is training to make a Ninja out of himself-- so connections I'm possibly looking for would be a mentor for him. History is something I'd like to build as I progress ICly with fellow roleplayers. Everyone else is also welcome, especially fellow cats, he would sure like to make some good friends!


Feel free to hit me up with either a PM-- or if you're on Sargatanas right now, even with a friend request (N'atsu Tia is my character's name). I'm not way too sure whether you can send friend requests as long as you're in the same world-- but yeah, or we could also talk it out on Skype/Discord and see when both of us are available.


Thank ya' and I hope to hear from you soon. c:

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