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Asuka Sakamoto

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My name is Asuka Sakamoto. I am a second generation Xaela exile from Doma. My grandfather, Hiroshi, and my mother, Rie, fled from Doma during the original conquering. My grandfather was an accomplished swordsman of honorable lines; he was a samurai. My mother was supposedly quite competent with a blade as well.


After meeting my father, an unnamed warrior from Gridania, she became pregnant with me. After my father found out, he opted to head back to Doma and try and fight for our homeland once more, for my mother and I. So I have been told. I have never met my father, and my mother died in childbirth.


The only family I have known was my grandfather. He was a kind and gentle warrior. When I was a young girl, my grandfather started to teach me the ways of the blade. But, his lessons were sparse due to our roaming lifestyle. Since we were refugees, we wandered the land offering what aid we could for warm food and a hearth to sleep by. As a young teenager of fourteen, I found myself alone. My grandfather had passed away in the dead of winter in a barn we had managed to procure as shelter for honest work.


With his passing, I nearly gave up. I had no one left to call my own. As I lay sobbing, the prickly old farmer whose barn we were staying in comforted me. Or rather, he offered me a choice. He told me I could lay down and give up, or try and fight. I resolved to spend my time trying to learn to be as strong as he was.


Four years later, I received my first opportunity to prove myself. I found myself in Ul'dah after roaming in much the same fashion I had with my grandfather. Whilst there, I joined the Pugilist's guild upon a whim. That was nary a week ago now. I find myself honing my skills so that I may find my way back to Doma. I will take up the sword of my line once more. I will honor my family.

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