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Returning Player Looking for Meaningful Connections

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Hello there! As the thread says I am looking for some long term connections for my character. 


I play Khatar'sae Banchamek (you'll get the spelling down eventually) in game. He's a Keeper who can be seen training in the Pugilist guild, meditating in the wilderness to improve his chakras, and doing the odd mercenary job on the side. He was born in a traditional Keeper tribe and had since left to become a pugilist in Ul'dah, where he fought in the Bloodsands for a time. In terms of personality he tends to be stoic, blunt, superstitious, and holds traditional Keeper values. His likes are fighting, Triple Triad, and tea.


I'm open to pretty much any kind of connection really even clan mates or childhood friends/rivals. Friends from the pugilist's guild would be nice too (figured 6 years of training there should earn him some) but again any connection will do. I'm all up for making connections from scratch. 


I'm play on the PST timezone.


Here's a link to my character page

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