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[align=center]Business bells between 8 and 5. For all off bell service inquiries, please place a filled out request form along a contact link pearl in a sealed envelope within the drop box located outside this office.


Ask us about our life time service rates, promos and limited warranties!!!


Aylis Tessier - Magitek specialist

Almaz Khaltamze - Machina Specialist



[align=left]Is your airship getting tired? Worn out? Its last propeller in the grave? Is it running at less then optimal? Is it burning oil? Is it huffing and chugging? Is it making funny noises? Or is it in just in need of a oil change, tune up, exhaust and radiator work? Mayhaps....upgraded?


Well then don't let that clunker become a clunked! Bring it in today for a check up! Able to perform most services at a competitive price, don't take it to these over priced service stations. When it comes to YOUR tech, trust no other name then Miqo'TEK!


Hailing from Ishgard during the calamity, working and striving to see the Garlean threat quelled and civilization saved. These two worked diligently through use of known Ishgardian trades along side their own acquired knowledge of Garlean technology. Now released, taking what they know to offer YOU the best prices and services in airship repair and modifications this side of Limsa Lominsa!! Come visit us today at the Morabay Drydocks airship landing for a free quote!




MIqo'TEK is a small freelance Engineering themed linkshell based out of Limsa Lominsa. Its main purpose is to provide Cross-Linkshell RP between all RP linkshells big or small. Our purpose is fundamentally geared around small airship repairs, services and since Magitek armor has been announced. Magitek services are also included.


Our website is currently down and under construction. Its no traditional website by normal means. Rather, think of it like a central hub for linkshells to come and post orders and pick up and sign the needed paperwork. As well as allowing us to forward copies and keep records of sales, transactions, monthly payments and who we gave free mints and these little pine cone airship cabin air fresheners too. It's basically our big giant filing cabinet.



Recruitment is currently closed, to my knowledge player and company built airships won't be implemented till approximately six months into the games launch. Due to this recruitment will remain closed unless under special circumstances. Once player and company made airships are in place. We plan to open recruitment for those that wish to learn engineering, are engineers along a small staff of associates and assistants.



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