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Jewelry art commissions

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Have you ever wanted a full hand-drawn, painted, or 3D model of a particular piece of jewelry that your character possesses?  Now might just be your chance.  A graduate gemologist is offering her services to the roleplay community so that you can finally have a true representation of that unique family heirloom, wonderful invention, or outstanding keepsake!  Not only that, but the pieces would be made to realistic specifications and regardless of whether you have a hand-rendering or 3D model made, you can take those plans directly to a jeweler to see about getting it made into a piece for you to actually wear!




But these designs don't have to just be for the game.  Ever had a particular idea for a piece of jewelry, but could never find anything like it?  Need something made for a special occasion or gift?  How about getting the perfect ring for a proposal or wedding?  Your average designer doesn't have the geeks and gamers in mind but we've got you covered!  Since our artist is a genuine gemologist working in New York City, she can design pieces to fit any need you might have!








So how does this all work?  Well first, let's talk about our artist:  Elisabeth Braunfeld of Red String Designs.  Elisabeth is a graduate gemologist with certifications in gemology, diamonds, colored stones, CAD/CAM, and jewelry design.  This means that she has been trained and certified to not only know exactly how to be make use of precious stones, but that she knows how to hand-paint and 3D model jewelry to a customer's specifications.  Samples of her work can be viewed at: www.redstringdesigns.com or at one of her shops: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/missing-creations or https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedStringDesign


Interested?  Great!  Elisabeth is willing to take up to a certain amount of commissions at any given time and will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.  The process will start with you, first, sending a message to us so that we can start discussing your general design and the best way to bring it life.  From there, we'll have a conversation so that we can better understand exactly what it is you want.  We can talk styles, particular metals, stones, designs, and everything in-between.  We would also discuss pricing and what it is you wish to get in return (i.e. a hand-drawn image, a painted rendering, or a 3D model.)  Once everything is settled, Elisabeth will get sketch up some quick drafts for you to choose between.  Once you settle one that works best for you she'll get to work making a full design of your piece.  Even if it's not exactly what you envisioned the first time we can rework the final design up to five times for free just to make sure that the design is exactly what you're looking for. 


Alright, let's cut to the chase!  Pricing ( NOTE:  To kick things off, the first five commissions will be 50% off!  So only $50 each for a 3D rendering or Hand-rendering.  Additional reworks and painted pieces are normal prices.)  



Commissions slots currently open: 5 open at 50% off


$100.00 - 3D Rendered design wih up to 5 free reworks:

Your piece will be crafted into a 3D model.  Pictures will be taken so that you can post them as representations of your character's jewerly.  You will also receive the actual file of the 3D rendering that can be given to a real-life jeweler in order to have the piece made.  All 3D renderings are crafted to realistic proportions.  (note: more organic designs (flowers, people, animals, etc don't always work as well in CAD, if you think your design falls into this category shoot us a message and we can discuss it with you further.)


$100.00 - Hand rendered, also with up to 5 free reworks: 

You piece will be carefully drafted onto vellum with pencil to give you an accurate and life-sized representation of the jewelry as you wish it.  These drawings can be given to a jeweler so that they may use it as reference in order to craft the jewerly in the real world.  Each hand rendering will come with free standard domestic(U.S) shipping.  International shipping fees will apply.





$50 Fully painted rendering of your piece: 

If you would like either the 3D or hand rendered piece you have made to also be hand-painted, all you need to is ask.  For an additional small fee, our artist will paint your piece to your specifications, giving you a piece of art that display.  Each hand-painted rendering will come with free standard domestic(U.S) shipping.  International shipping fees will apply.


$25 Each additional rework in CAD or with hand rendering: 

Need a few extra modifications to make sure your piece comes out just right?  Changed your mind and want something changed with your piece?  Rather than starting anew and crafting once more from scratch, for a much smaller fee we can make changes.



If you have any questions, feel free to shoot over a PM or email us at [email protected]


Thanks so much,


~ Jess and Elisabeth



Q:  Can you turn this art into a real piece of jewelry for me?


A:  Not directly, no.  However, with connections in the jewelry industry here in NYC, we can see about getting someone we trust to get an item made for you if that is what you want.  At that point we'd have to discuss pricing separately from the other pricing above.  If you want to take your art piece to a local jeweler instead, you can absolutely do that!  These renderings are, what we call, mechanically accurate.  This means they are drawn to a real life scale, and can be measured for production accordingly.



Q:  Why does it matter that the artist is a Gemologist?


A:  The main reason is because every gemstone has it's own unique properties.  A diamond will cut right through a prong that's too thin and a tanzanite needs a more protective setting.  You don't want to pay for an Oregon sunstone ring only to find out the hard way that the stone is too fragile for the wear and tear that your average ring experiences.  Also, a gemologist can help you think of more cost effective solutions for your jewelry, should you want it made.  There's no reason to shell out for a nice ruby when a garnet or a tourmaline would suit just as well for your purposes.  Basically a Gemologist can help you by knowing the stones advising you in a way that lets you make the best decisions for what you want.



Q:  What would it cost to have the design I buy to be made into a real-world piece of jewelry?


A:  That depends entirely upon what sort of materials you want it made with (i.e plastic, steel, silver, gold, platinum, etc) as well as the jeweler you take it to.  Elisabeth may be able to give you a general idea if she has the piece in front of her to look over, and if she can't we have friends in the industry who almost certainly can.



Q:  Does it cost anything to get a consultation?


A:  Absolutely not!  Consultations are free!



Q:  How will payment work?


A:  Payments will be handled via paypal with 50% due up front.  You will be shown samples of the work and final payment will be taken just before sending you the fully usable rendering. Payments can also be put up via an Etsy listing instead upon request.

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