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Regalius (Inactive)

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This linkshell is located on Hyperion.



[align=center](Click the Image to Enlarge)[/align]




Regalius was not intended to be the typical military or mercenary type "guild",

but rather more of an "Adventurer's Hub". With that thought in mind, we believed

that this would provide a wider variety options to the members of Regalius. 


As Commisioners and officers, it is our job to make sure that your involvement

in Regalius is fun, easy, and enjoyable - We are here to support you, and in turn,

we hope that you will provide your opinions and thoughts for us, so that we may

further help you in the long run. All we ask is that you try abide by our rules,

and attempt to keep the over all community player friendly. Which is

not much to ask.




[align=center]Please visit our full site to gain access to our news, FAQs, and rules and regulations.[/align]



[align=center](please note: Our site is still under the designing process, but registration is still available.[/align]

[align=center]If you are questioning about our logo, it is meant to have a sort of smokey, wispy, torn look on its boarder. )  [/align]



Q & A:


1) Do you have a voice server?


Absolutely, we currently have an unlimited user slot voice server using C3.


2) How old do I need to be to join?


Preferably 18+. We are aware that there are many young players out there, but due to certain circumstances (I.e: Parents), we do not wish to be accused for any content that may be considered inappropriate such as language and vulgarity - This is a mature, friendly group.

We CAN make exceptions if your parent or guardian speaks to an officer or commissioner in real time, and they are made aware of our rules and regulations.

This is for both for your and our protection to maintain a balanced and friendly environment for future members to come.


3) Is RP mandatory?


No, RP and/or any event within Regalius is completely optional. You don't have to participate if you do not wish to do so.


4) Is it possible to become an officer?


Yes, we are always looking for officers, but this position will not be given off the bat. Essentially, we will review your submission form (your sign up form if you answered the optional question asking if you'd like to become an officer), and place you into a "merit watch".

Basically, show us what you can do to help out, be an aid to members, etc...


5) What is your ranking structure?


They are as followed:


Trial Member: No special permissions, essentially a trial period for a week.


Regalian: Standard member, has some permissions.


Ally: Alliance members of other linkshells. Standard member permissions.


Recruiter: Officer, has permission to recruit members.


Raid Leader: Officer, permissions include organizing raids, starting raids and scheduling raids.


Accountant: Officer, looks after the bank, and organizes finances and distribution of items.


Ambassador: Officer, basically PR representative; speaks for the company and helps with member issues and organization.


Advisor: High-ranking officer, oversees lower officers and events in the company and forums. Also assists in the creation of events; is also the go-between for Commissioners.


PvP Commissioner: High-ranking officer, oversees all PvP related events.


PvE Commissioner: High-ranking officer, oversees all PvE related events.


RP Commissioner: High-ranking officer, oversees all RP related events.


Linkshell Commissioner: Company Admin




Please, if you have questions please feel free to ask, we are always open to them.



Regarding RP:


Your probably wondering, "Ok, they're an adventure theme, so what about their views on RP and such, what makes Regalius special in this section of gameplay?"


To answer that question:


Regalius is situated into becoming an "Interactive Role Playing Story Progression."


Any person within the Regalius Free Company and/or holds a Regalius Linkshell is allowed to participate.

Any person that is not incorporated, are welcomed to watch and enjoy the RP.


At the beginning of every other month, Regalius will host a "Regalian Grand Tournament" comprising of a few events of IC PvP and PvE, and can vary from individual to group related tasks.

There will be only two winners, one of the PvE event and one of the PvP event, so if you so happened to not participate in PvP, you can still participate in PvE. If you did not win the PvP section, you'll always have a second shot at the PvE title, and vice versa.


Winners are presented with:

  • Gil.
  • Item prizes.
  • "Grand Tournament Champion" Title until the next tournament.
  • Given a spotlight in the next issue of "The Regalian Moogle" news paper (an IC interview).
  • Becoming a main character at the end of the month written story progression with your choice of deeds.
  • A Custom Event of your own posted on the Calendar on the date of your choosing.



Of course, Regalius will still hold many other RP events from time to time based on popularity and demand, such as fairs, parties, tavern nights, beach vacations, etc...

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Update - 6/15/13


Due to circumstances,  Regalius will be moving to Hyperion as its official server upon release. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Regalius will still maintain an optional and event based RP free company and linkshell.


Thank you kindly for your time.

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Update 7/22/13


Will be actively recruiting in game on OB in-game.

If you are within the Hyperion server, looking for an RP optional group, but mostly joined this server for friends, family or other reason, feel free to message: Isa'to Jyn, Isa'a Jyn (or Zaizhir Jyn), and U'ysara Tia about our Linkshell for RP related events.


The reasoning behind transferring to Hyperion:



The reason why is because RP is not our main source of focus, nor is any other specific type of play either. RP, PvE and PvP are all optional and we are mainly moving to focus the guild alliance and help mesh both parties of RP players that want to participate together. 


We have some people in both guilds that feel uncomfortable around people who RP and as such, are trying to make them feel a little more at ease by making this move. I do understand that it does hinder the population of RP by moving away from such a large pool but we are also accommodating to those who were forced to make a server transfer because of friends. 

Basically, we are trying to bring the RP to them. 


I hope that may answer some questions you had, feel free to inquire further if you would like to. Always willing to hear opinions on the matter. 


Edit: Another reason would be that hyperion is also a legacy server.



Yam and I had discussed this topic, but more or less came to an agreement that we are here to provide an open group to RPers that had to transfer to another server. 


For our alliance, they had many RPers, but were more or less forced to transfer to Hyperion because of either their friends or "guild". It seems a little... unfair, to those who are missing out. As well, our alliance was not supporting an RP option, so they had asked if they could use our RP events, which wasn't a problem at all. 


More over, I'd see our personal Linkshell being the main hub of our RP announcements, so that anyone from any Free Company, will be able to participate in the RP events we will have planned in the future. 


Depending on how many participants we receive, RP events could become larger and more elaborate, and possibly consisting of multiple Mini events like a Fair for example. 

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