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Aspiring Model,Dancer,Performer

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Hello, I'm here to introduce my character Izikr or Izzy as he likes to be called. He is a 21 year old Male Miqo'te halfbreed meaning that his father was a seeker and his mother a keeper. Izzy dreams of performing on stage as a dancer or model or acrobat really anything! He has grown up living orphaned on Pearl Lane and has only recently started pursuing his dreams. If you or your FC want anything listed above even a servant please contact me here or in game Izzy can be found usually around Ul'dah. 




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Hey there!  I'm always looking for performers for Open Mic Nights at Orchid 317!  We're a very family oriented FC, looking for players that like to RP and have a good time.  Small, tight knit group.  I'd love to chat with you if you're interested in checking us out!


FC Page.


My character that runs the FC Eshea Tende is a Seeker and is always looking for new Miqo'te friends.  She is greatly outnumbered!!



If you're interested go ahead and send me a PM!

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