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Halonic Blessing of Arms (5/27)

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And so the unfaithful have been revealed unto the true sons and daughters of Halone. As verily as all hardships are tests sent from Her to gauge our devotion, the existence of the foes of the True Ishgardian Orthodox Church within Her home are a test of our willingness to tolerate evil. For all with the faith to crush the head of the whispering serpent, this is a summon to assemble in Her holy name. True children of The See, do not weep, for we shalt wash our hands and the blades that they wield in preparation for the greatest test of our faith to come. Join Father Lacordaire and all with the spirit to fight for the faith at Whitebrim, and see the legions of the faithful rise up to Her call.




OOC info: On Saturday 5/27 at 6 PM EST, all are invited to gather at Whitebrim for a blessing of weapons and liturgy for the preparation for war. This event is a continuation of the consequences of the last sermon's resolution, one that left on the unsettling note of a schism brewing under the looming shadow of Ishgard. Though it is unclear just how far the traditionalists of the church are willing to take their zeal, one thing is certain: It's spreading like a contagion.

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