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Eorzea Garden (EG-RP)

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EG-RP Information:We are a Rank 8 RP FC group that is based upon the concept of the Gardens from Final Fantasy 8 (school/cadet based school, mercenary group, instructors).  We also incorporate the use of IC and OOC linkshells for other RP contacts.  We have housing (which functions as our Garden/school) in the Goblet.


We are currently in open recruitment and accepting applications for:

  • Students--may obtain SeeD status upon graduation
  • Instructors--combat/non-combat roles
  • Staff, caretakers (open to inquiries about all roles)

To learn more about us, please visit:

Eorzea Garden Enjin Page


Types of RP we engage in:

  • Social/casual
  • Classes--combat and non-combat
  • Student clubs/activities
  • Missions/patrols
  • Training scenarios
  • Garden-wide plot events and social events
  • Other

Who we accept:

We are open to accepting both new and seasoned role-players.  If you are new to role-play we have several members willing to help you adjust. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here or on our Discord.

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