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Drakonis Φ Commissions Open!

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[align=center]Just another nerd who picked up a digital brush one day and decided to do the thing.[/align]


[align=center]Art Gallery[/align]

[align=center]Website: ArtOfDrakonis.tumblr.com


[align=center]Contact Email: [email protected]



A long time ago, I was a writer who started to get upset that I could never find the proper visual references to go with my characters that I needed; that desire drove me to learn how to do it myself. In so doing, I found my love for digital drawing and painting - I think my favorite part is getting to see your progress side by side, from a picture that is ten years old to one that is ten minutes old. Nothing beats that feeling of measurable accomplishment.


Now, I am here to provide the same opportunity to you: seeing your creations made manifest through the eyes of another passionate creator.


Take a look at the information provided below to get started!



Terms & Conditions!

What I Won't Draw: 

 Waste-play (NSFW) 

 Underage (NSFW) 


Do Not: 

 Remove watermarks or signatures 

 Use the art you receive for commercial purposes 



 Use the art for your character's in-character site graphics 

 Use for personal aesthetics in things like icons and banners 

 Listen to the little voice in your head that says "Ask before I do ___" and communicate with me. If you are ever unsure, just ask!




Starting at...



 Headshot: $10 USD 

 Half-Body: $15 USD 

 Full Body: $20 USD 


Flat Color: 

 Headshot: $25 USD 

 Half-Body: $40 USD 

 Full Body: $55 USD 


Full Render: 

 Headshot: $35 USD 

 Half-Body: $55 USD 

 Full Body: $75 USD 



Prices given are based on half-body baselines, and are subject to negotiation. Partners will cost extra depending on the scene. This category, I would like to talk with you directly about before setting things in stone! 

 Sketch: $25 USD 

 Flat Color: $60 USD 

 Full Render: $80 USD 


A Few Important Notes: 

Prices are subject to change based on the amount of detail and characters.

• 50% of the payment is expected up front and the other 50% once the sketch has been completed (100% of payment is expected for sketches up front)

I only accept Paypal

I maintain the right to refuse a commission with or without explanation. 


I value both my time and yours, so please please make sure to look through my gallery before commissioning me.





In order to hire me, please contact me at my email [email protected]. I will only accept commission requests through my email, but will answer questions through here and tumblr as well. Once I've confirmed your slot, I will send you a commission form to fill out. Please try to provide as many visual references as possible. 



Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you!

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