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EQUINOX is a neutrally-aligned Magitek and biotech organization, keeping pace with the Garlean Empire’s medical and technological advances. Company funding is maintained through public services (medical care, bar & lounge, entertainment events) and underground activity (black market trading, espionage, information brokering). Not all scientific endeavors can be pursued within the strict confines of a moral compass, and easy money is needed to remain two steps ahead of the competition. Medical breakthroughs and cutting- edge technology require fast access to a wide variety of items from all over the realm, and there’s no quicker way of obtaining these goods than by breaking a few hundred import laws.


Beyond its squeaky-clean facade, «NOX» owns a surplus of rare and exotic goods obtained through company-run expeditions and close ties to underground syndicates, smugglers, pirates, and drug + weapon cartels. Amid the company’s ranks are Garlean defectors and spies, often assigned to directly monitor and gather information on Garlemald’s current arsenal. This research and information is crucial to stay ahead of the game, and to keep the company and its clients prepared to challenge, overcome, and conquer any obstacle in the field of battle. Physical augmentation, also known as “transcendence,” is nothing new to the organization, and the company continues to apply its surgical knowledge to treat medical conditions, or offer sensory enhancement procedures.


«NOX» also focuses on acquiring ancient Allagan relics and recovering lost artifacts with the intent to study and reverse-engineer them. The company races to unlock the many secrets of Allagan tech, knowing the knowledge held within each creation could hold the keys to far surpass the competition, or possibly the Garlean Empire itself. The prospect of re-discovering the process of effective cloning, bio-engineering, and life-giving aether manipulation within the century may be improbable. However, the company continues to sustain its reputation of progress, invention, and community service.


Visit our website for more information and how to apply: noxiv.co[/align]

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EQUINOX institute is widely hailed for its superior health services, steadfast medical research and mindful attention to detail. To properly facilitate the needs of each individual under our employment, we’ve contracted multiple organizations specializing in the commercial aspects of company growth and innovation. We encourage our workers to approach their independent projects from an entrepreneurial angle, stressing the need for process and opening new doors to pursue their passions. This is the laboratory.


The complex process of translating laboratory and clinical discoveries into interventions to benefit individual and public health comes with its own set of ethical dimensions. Developing treatments for aether sickness and other ailments often require living, breathing test subjects who are willing to undergo experimental procedures. We are hiring fearless volunteers.



Aether Medical Center : Emergency room, infirmary, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery.


Many people lack easy access to safe, quality medical care. We’re here to change that. The health and wellness of our community is what’s most important to us, and our medical staff strives to address the physical and emotional well-being of our patients. The clinic offers a safe and friendly environment, keeping families and loved ones comfortable, educated, and well-informed during each visit.


Cosmetic enhancement and augmentation procedures are proven to significantly boost a patient’s self-esteem and appearance, improving physical symmetry, proportion, and aesthetic appeal. Pairing reconstructive surgery and restorative healing, we also offer services for correcting developmental abnormalities, repairing congenital defects, and removing burns, scars, and stretch marks.


To achieve optimal results, our surgeons thoroughly assess each patient’s needs, prioritizing the safest methods to accelerate healing and rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advancements in medical technology. As we continue to grow, we are open to hiring surgeons, doctors and nurses who share our same commitment to achieving the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.



The Apothecary : Potions, medicines, drugs & pharma.


Dr. Ivonne is one of the realm’s most highly-acclaimed supplier of alchemy reagents, materia medica, and organic remedies proven both safe and effective. The process of collection, curing, and compounding natural substances is continually being perfected and improved upon by her team of board certified alchemists. Pharmacy has always played a vital role in every culture, and The Apothecary boasts quality assurance of their products.


Staff members in charge of diagnosing ailments and dispensing drugs are knowledgeable of every prescription, along with their chemical incompatibilities and possible side-effects. Pharmacists will carefully evaluate every patient’s allergies, hereditary health issues, and other concerns before administering a written dosage plan.


Translating science into practice plays a fundamental role in the efficient development and manufacturing of drugs, and ensuring treatments are cost-effective while balancing patient safety is our goal. The Apothecary team is quack-free, and will never sell tonics, placebos, nostrums, or snake oil. We take pride in our authenticity, and refuse to cut corners for the sake of profit.



Bashara : Precious jewelry, piercings & tattoo artistry.


Bashara originally established itself in Thavnir as an underground crew of collaborative tattoo artists offering quality craftsmanship, precision artistry and proper hygiene. Since then, their business has blossomed into one of the most renowned tattoo and piercing parlors in the world. Never losing focus on the roots of their profession, they’ve earned long-standing loyalty and respect from repeat clientele.


Combining both art and science, unconventional piercings and tattoos can be crafted to provide physical, magical, and spiritual benefits. Work stations are completely sanitary, and undergo thorough sterilization. Using unique mixtures of enchanted ink, body art can be enhanced with controllable bioluminescence, color-shifting, elemental attunement, protective signs (seals, amulets, symbols, runes, etc.), advanced materia melding, chi flow reinforcement, and more.


Each ink master on the roster is tasked with setting aside shift times to study art styles from all over the world, taking inspiration from traditional designs and keeping up with Kugane’s contemporary ink scene. Bashara’s clientele ranges from Eastern mob bosses seeking Irezumi sleeves, to young ladies wanting something small and decorative. We recommend booking a session in advance. For clients on a tight schedule, weekends are occasionally open for walk-ins.

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EQUINOX institute is home to a variety of engineering fields, providing a fast-paced environment with a focus on getting the job done. To properly facilitate the needs of each individual under our employment, we’ve contracted multiple organizations specializing in the commercial aspects of company growth and innovation. We encourage our workers to approach their independent projects from an entrepreneurial angle, stressing the need for process and opening new doors to pursue their passions. Welcome to the workshop.




EXOtek Bionics : The realm’s leading provider of cutting-edge prosthetic technology.


Our products aren’t the only complex bionics available on the market today. They are, however, the first to function by syncing and attuning one’s own aether to the artificial devices themselves. This gives our clients the freedom and ability to maintain direct control over each joint, allowing for real-time performance and kinetic movement. Through this method, we’re able to produce light-weight, durable, adaptable replacements for missing limbs.


Our products have gone through extensive field testing and are made using the latest tech and high quality materials. We offer maintenance and repair services for artificial spines, tails, limbs, eyes and other parts. It is our goal to serve citizens and adventurers seeking technological enhancements for rehabilitation, combat, and every day use. To schedule a consultation, please don't hesitate to message us. We will review your order and get back to you to discuss design details, pricing, and the necessary procedures to properly fit and calibrate your custom prosthesis.



* Our veterinarians have recently collaborated with EXOtek to craft mobility-enhancement devices specifically tailored to animal companions in need of physical assistance. We’ve synthesized beaks, fins, wing membranes, chocobo legs, and more.



Clockwork Manufactory : The nuts and bolts of revolution.


Engineering has always played an essential role in boosting cultural productivity, fostering advancements in information acquisition, sensing, and decision-making. With war spurring industrial progression, the demand for automation is at an all-time high. The realm’s industrial marketplace is fast-paced and ever-changing, and our team of illustrious engineers keep our manufactory at the very forefront of innovation.


We continually seek technological solutions that prove invaluable in realistic situations, developing mammets, machines and automata that serve a variety of needs in real time. Care and quality craftsmanship goes into all of our airships, driving the future of exploration and public transportation. Additionally, we welcome both academic and industrial visitors wishing to work alongside our staff. It is our mission to nurture a realm-wide effort to explore technology’s potential to transform society.



ARMORY 6 : Tactical solutions and warfare supply.


The southern wing of the institute is our military defense sector, requiring a background check and special clearance to negotiate with our licensed weaponry and firearms dealer. Should a client’s credentials be approved, they will gain access to our private stock of firearms, knives, ammunition, explosives & incendiaries, apparel (armor and camouflage), accessories, and defense systems (turrets, nodes, and guard dogs).


“Life is full of battles on many fronts, and violent conflicts are inevitable. Whether or not we choose to prepare for it is up to each of us.” 

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EQUINOX holds residency to a menagerie of living creatures undergoing observation, rehabilitation, and conservation. Our sanctuary hosts endangered species, exotics beasts, unusual hybrids, oddities, and domesticated companions. The bestiary catalogs all of our subjects currently being cared for, and serves as a visual reference guide for educational purposes. If you happen upon a sick or injured animal in the wild, please contact our offices to receive step-by-step instructions on what to do, and how to safely transport the creature to headquarters.


(( Creature art by Madeleine Setzer ))




Locked behind the company’s virtuous menagerie is a classified quarantine zone. An ominous collection of Voidsent and anomalous artifacts kept under solitary confinement. Each entity is securely contained, monitored, and thoroughly documented by our Sharlayan scholars and Voidologists. These researchers contribute to an expanding agglomeration of written knowledge pertinent to the ongoing analysis of the Void and its paranormal activity. Anyone wishing to undertake private study are encouraged to seek out our employers. Those who prove their worth may gain access to a voluminous collection of grimoires, anthologies, forbidden scrolls, and ancient incunabula.

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