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Greylance Warhost


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Welcome to The Greylance Warhost

--Heavy RP FC on Balmung--


Who are we? The Greylance Warhost is a group of friends, family and opportunists, formed by Lady Shayla Greylance, current heir to House Greylance of Ala Mhigo, in her attempt to reclaim the House from her villainous brother, Theoderic. Currently building their strength in La Noscea, with minor support from The Maelstrom, they take any jobs befitting mercenaries and adventurers, funding their growth and expansion until the faithful day that Lady Greylance can press her claim by force!


Who are we looking for? The Warhost is currently seeking those who are skilled, and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Are you a soldier, a healer, a hunter, perhaps even an accountant who stabbed a Goblin once? We likely have a place for you! With regards to character alignments, we do not discriminate between good and evil aligned characters when it comes to applications, although we do expect outright evil characters to be exceptionally well written if they wish to join, and must have a valid reason for doing so.


Who are House Greylance? House Greylance is a noble house in Ala Mhigo of fairly high standing, with their bloodline descending from an unnamed architect and scholar, presumably of Mhachi descent, who served under Anshelm Cotter, the warlord to first unify Gyr Abania's numerous clans. Assisting in the construction of the great citadel to which the later Kingdom would gain it's name, the man would gain much prestige and respect from Cotter, eventually being rewarded with lands and wealth, thus forming House Greylance.


The House thrived, proudly serving the Crown and building it's influence and riches through a of mixture shrewd politicking, exceptional valor and careful diplomacy, later using this influence to keep retain their status under the Garlean Occupation. As of this moment, the House is divided between two factions, each supporting a different claimant. The first faction, who support Lady Shayla, formerly adopted by Ishgardian nobility at a young age but recently brought back into succession at the request of her biological father, seeking to bring the House out of Garlean influence. The other faction support the second eldest sibling, Theoderic, a cruel man who seeks to solidify relations with the Garlean Empire.


How do I join? You wish to join us? Fantastic! All applicants wishing to join us should visit our website and fill out the application form, giving us as much information as they can. Our officer team will be in touch within 24 hours of applying to let you know if you've been successful!


OOC Information:

The Greylance Warhost is currently open for recruitment! In this FC, we wish to create a positive and encouraging environment for our members to thrive, with a wide array of RP themes on offer, as well as plenty to do both in and out of game. We also have a Discord server for facilitate this, allowing our members to organise RP and other activities even when out of game. Due to sometimes mature plot content in our RP, as well mature conversation on Discord, we do enforce an 18+ policy for applicants.


If you have any further questions about joining, please contact Shayla Greylance [EU], Usagi Nami [EU], or Elistri Visturan [AUS] in game!






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