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From Isle to Land

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[align=center]Kyouko Yasu[/align]



[align=center]"The best prophet of the future is the past."[/align]




[align=center]Gender: Female[/align]

[align=center]Age: 26[/align]

[align=center]Birthdate: 28th Sun of the Third Astral Moon[/align]

[align=center]Race: Au Ra[/align]

[align=center]Clan: Raen[/align]

[align=center]Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde[/align]

[align=center]Eye Colour: Hawkes Blue[/align]

[align=center]Hometown: Hingashi Archipelago[/align]







[align=center]Physical Traits[/align]

[align=center]Sporting an athletic figure, Kyouko holds the stance of a track runner. Her delving into archaeology and spelunking, as well as underwater cave-dwelling left her incredibly well-toned. Her legs are significantly thicker than average, built from years of climbing and running. Her complexion is very smooth and flawless, save a hint of flush dousing her lips. Her ears point up higher than average, with a small rounded nose to contrast. Her skin is remarkably pale, only a small amount of sunlight having toned her over the years. Her hair is very lengthy, layering itself into small outward spikes at its ends. She usually takes a great deal of time ensuring it is styled and well-kempt, as she has a reputation to uphold. Her eyes hold a very light blue, tinting near periwinkle, natural look under a near constant watery gloss. Her hairline is fairly low down her forehead, and often has her hair brushed and parted to the right side of her face.[/align]



[align=center]Rather than wearing any sort of traditional or sacred garb, as her parents would have, Kyouko deems herself fit for an adventurer's outfit, preferring stylistic practicality over regal status-sparklers. Upon entering Eorzea, she bears a fairly regular ranger's outfit, sold to her by a merchant on the outskirts of the continent in a port-town. It should be noted, however, she does change her attire fairly regularly, and often likes to make a show of it.[/align]


[align=center]Social/Religious Views[/align]

[align=center]Kyouko grew up as an elected leader of a small socialist group along her archipelagos, and has always been held to a higher standard than all of her peers. It was very similar to a modern mayorship, though held for her entire adult life. While she did leave to set her own fate ahead of her, Kyouko very much believes in heirarchal systems, and generally will do what she can to keep herself high on those lists.[/align]


[align=center]As a member of the Raen, Kyouko too believes that her veins run thick with the blood of the divine Dawn Father. She holds this very dear to her heart, and has an unfortunate, though controllable tendency to expect others to know and respect that fact.[/align]



[align=center]As it stands, Kyouko simply has her clothes, some basic traveler's gear and foodstuffs in a pack, and her trusty bow.[/align]



[align=center]As it stands, Kyouko currently holds no affiliations in Eorzea.[/align]








[align=center]Deceased / Alive[/align]


[align=center]Toyo Yasu - My darling, sweet father.. He brought justice and peace in times of pure peril. My life is yours, and your legacy is mine. I will strive to bring you pride with each waking moment.[/align]

[align=center]Shina Yasu - Devotion and care could not be witnessed better by anyone than those who had met my mother. To settle a group of people brought up on being alone, to encourage love and compassion even among those brandished with fear and hatred, I devote my heart and my drive to you. My heart will beat every moment in step with yours, you have my undying love, mother.[/align]

[align=center]Otokachi Yasu - My sweet younger sister, my best friend, the girl I spent every day laughing, crying, and smiling with. The girl I explored and learned with. You may not have stepped on that boat with me, but we will forever sail alongside one another in spirit, my love.[/align]




[align=center]Kyouko grew up with her family in the Hingashi Archipelagos of Othard. They resided within a small cluster of islands occupied by many Auri, all of Raen. The Yasu family had been one of the oldest running in the area, and so the people looked to them for leadership. Toyo, the father of the Yasu household forged a stable economy, fair trade, open waters, constructions, and developed a near-socialist society who all held him within the highest regard. One of his advisors, Shina, had helped his coping for a significant period, and, in time, they fell in love, married, and became the regal Yasu family now charged with ruling their small acres of land. In their rule they had two daughters, Kyouko, named for the rivers struck between the islands, and Otokachi, named after her sister to tie their fates to one another. As they grew, both Kyouko and Otokachi began to explore the other islands, and became very well known on a personal level to most of the citizens. As the eldest, however, Kyouko knew in her adulthood she would be chosen as heir to her father, and sure enough, began to rule after his retirement. She ran in co-operation with her younger sister, and eventually made plans to pass the mantle to her entirely, of which the entire populace was supportive of. Kyouko had always had an obsession with Eorzea, the largest continent of Hydaelyn, and both Kyouko's mother and father knew eventually she would turn to make her leave. When she finally did, the township was prepared, and saw her off in a streak of glory and spectacle, hoping that one day she may return to tell them of her adventures. It was rare to see any members of Raen take so much pride in their community, but the Yasu family promoted the care of all rather than just the care of one's own. Kyouko, having plenty of experience journeying around at this point, made her way to Eorzea, to write her own path from then on, and to bring her family pride.[/align]




[align=center]Personal Relations[/align]


[align=center]Kyouko does not currently have any relations with any citizens of Eorzea.[/align]





[align=center]This is a character dossier for Kyouko Yasu, as well as a hub page for journal entries, to be held in the replies of this thread.[/align]

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What obstacle, if any, would most hinder Kyouko in fulfilling her aspirations? Why?

That's an interesting question.


What I believe her largest obstacle will be a lack of stature within Eorzea, especially as an Au Ra. For someone raised in near heirarchal regality, she's now thrust into a world where she's nearly the bottom of the food chain, and will be forced to constantly fight for survival. She'll have to earn respect and trust she was always simply handed, so her own personal development is going to be what keeps her from holding the power and stature she desires.


That's just my own personal opinion without any empirical evidence to back it up, I have yet to even truly get in game yet. That answer could very well change.

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Interesting, at least she has an aspiration to chase.


To you: Is her affinity to heirarchy a positive trait of her or a negative?

What about to her? Does she see it as positive, something to break free of, or just natural order of civilization?

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Interesting, at least she has an aspiration to chase.


To you: Is her affinity to heirarchy a positive trait of her or a negative?

What about to her? Does she see it as positive, something to break free of, or just natural order of civilization?

I think I believe it to be a neutral trait, as it can both benefit and detriment her. I believe there are more detrimental cases than beneficial, but the wards outweigh those risks, so I don't hold it positively or negatively.


Kyouko herself definitely sees it as a positive, as it's all she's ever known, so she sees earning her place in a new land as an opportunity to grow as a person. She holds no intentions to be cruel or rash as someone "higher" in place than anyone else, she simply sees it as people respecting her lineage, and her rise to power being proof that she doesn't need everything to be handed to her for her to survive.

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