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The Crimson Rose

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The Crimson Rose is a pirate ship by all meanings of the words, however she does more than house scallywags and devious ne'er do wells. She is a parlor and buiness traveling from place to place, wherever the waves and winds of Llymlaen take her and her precious crew. Deep in her hull though is an elegant parlor that opens it's doors wide when she reaches ashore. Above deck, she is everything one would deem a galleon of elegance and power, red sail cast like blood stained clouds in the sky, her masts tall and proud, and every bit of wood dark mahogany with an air of regality about her. Red Pirates, Robin Hoods the lot of them; stealing only from those who deserve it and giving back to others... or keeping for themselves. Below the decks... Adorned with warm candle lit halls, the smell of spiced rum wafting through the air, a lingering smoke just at crown level. She is a House of ill fame with misbegotten patrons and ill-gotten gains. They are Pirates after all and some who are saved by their ranks choose to stay by their sides. With lights low, alcohol a plenty, flesh warm and inviting, the subtle laughter mingling with music as moans a company in the background... The Rose's heart is the epitome debauchery with every vice stated in her embrace.

((( WiP, mostly))

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