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Magellan's RP madness!* (*madness not guaranteed)

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Hey all :)

I am not in game yet, and am therefore characterless (though I am working on fleshing out a few ideas) but would like to get my RP hopes and dreams out there in the hopes of finding a few like-minded individuals to hit the ground running with, once I do get in game.


So I will be skipping part I (character info) and launch right into it:


RP Style:

  • Amount of RP: Very much heavy! I enjoy being IC as much as possible, though I certainly do enjoy goofing off OOCly in the proper channels. However, I also like working with those new to RP, to help them find their voice, and to learn more about this glorious style of play that is RP.
  • Views on Combat & Injuries: I believe in combat realism; if you are going to fight with someone it should come at a cost; both physical and emotional. Light skirmishes are just that; dust-ups with a few minor scrapes and bruises. Heavy combat on the other hand, can and sometimes will lead to permanent, injury, even death. Neither can happen without the FULL agreement of all involved parties. Superpowers should be kept to a minimum, and should pertain to the character's story if he/she does possess extraordinary powers, and not
    be arbitrary. I dislike Dragonball Z combat.
    I also believe the idea of insta-heals is flawed; first off, a healer should have to WANT to heal the injured person. The act of healing should require some sort of exertion on the healers part, with a chance of failure. To think you can engage in any sort of dangerous activity without fear of any consequence because ' hey, I'll just get healed' is godmoding imo.
    Emotional consequence: If two friends get into a knockdown, drag out fight, the likelihood is that the friendship will become frayed or broken. Though some people are easy to forgive and forget,
    a lot of people are not. Friendships can be ruined, and constant friction can occur if the two combatants are, say, in the same guild.
    With that said, I am more than happy to work at meeting people halfway so long as the rules are agreed to beforehand. My ultimate goal is to just RP as much as possible, and I recognize in order to do so requires a degree of flexibility on my part. I have a preferred method, but can adjust and adapt.
  • Views on IC Romance: IC romance is great, and a normal part of char's lives. I have two caveats; I roleplay both male and female characters (I'm a guy) based on whoever pops into my head and seems to have the most to say at the time. I ask people to remember that they are romancing the character who has nothing to do with the OOC person. I dislike being labelled as a 'trap', dishonest, etc. Your dealings are with my char., not me ( and vice versa)
    My second caveat is that my characters have a life outside of romance; they thirst for action and
    adventure. They like to meet new people. While they are certainly happy to have romance be a part of that, they have other hopes and dreams on their bucket list too, that they wish to explore.
    ERP - I am fine with ERP. Nothing too freaky. Similar to combat; the rules should be agreed upon beforehand.
  • Views on non-romantic RP: Sure. *shrugs* I typically npc my
    family relations, but am not against teaming together with a friend to come up with some fun
    family-oriented rp.
  • Views on Lore: Lore is great. A framework upon which to hang
    your character's pretty picture. Lore breaking makes for weaker characters who simply do not fit the environment they are inhabiting. Lore bending is okay, given the OOC person did the
    requisite work to make it believable. A simple rule in writing is to know the rule you are bending,
    and why you are bending it. Oftentimes if you ask yourself ' Why am I bending this?' You will
    realize you really do not need to to still have an interesting, enjoyable character.
    However, some people honestly don't know when they are breaking lore. (Guilty!) A simple
    friendly tell gives them the power to choose; to either adapt so that they are in line with the
    efforts of the rp community, or for them to say 'screw lore, I'm immortal!' (Not advised, imo)
  • Views on chat functions: I try to stay IC as much as possible on the proper channels, while thoroughly enjoying OOC silliness on the proper channels.


Other Info

  • Country: USA, EST
  • Login Times: Off and on b/t 7pm - midnight, throughout the day
    on weekends.
  • Contact Info: (for now) Message me on this site! I am very
    friendly and laid back OOC, despite my definitive IC preferences.

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