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Odin RP- An OOC linkshell for rp'ers on Odin


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Ever wanted to find RP on Odin, but with no luck?  Want to organize events, or learn tips and tricks for better rp?  Then OdinRP might just be the place for you.  



We are a newly started Linkshell that aim to accommodate rp'ers of all "lvl's" from the veterans to the people dipping their toes for the first time.



Our rules are simple: Treat people with respect, and Speak no Spoilers. We hope to become a nice, fun community, and for that we need you're help.


You can contact Attwell Crossdale ingame if you want a chat



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Hello there, im on the Odin server and im looking for a good place to RP.


Hi, you can try and contact Attwell Crossdale ingame for a talk, there isn't really much rp yet, due to this being an attempt to locate the rp'ers we hope are on Odin.

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