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Requite of the Sixth


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[align=center]Requite of the Sixth



"Wherefore strike a man when he's helpless, but for fear in your mind and rage in your heart; know that such actions come back in full circle with livid abandon."

Upon receiving feedback from various friends, I decided to temporarily put recruitment on halt unless someone wants to join solely for the benefits and buffs.  Stormblood is just around the corner, and most are focusing on getting ready as opposed to seriously RPing.  We'll follow suit and be back with version 2 of this page, as well as "DnD" seasons and events prepared for fun / story and additional character development!



Requite of the Sixth is a Magocracy themed Free Company with a succinct purpose, rich lore based on Encyclopedia Eorzea and the goal of providing something to the community.  A year in the making, we've yet to open any recruitment up and are therefore basically starting fresh.


Community Purpose:  In both a world where melee or broad themes for Free Companies thrive, and with the lore and history of magic in mind, our goal is to provide an atmosphere and place where not only magic is coveted, but also taught.  In doing such, we hope to provide character and Role Player alike with a tool that explains the how and why if they wish to play as someone who is adept at magic.


Brief Lore:  In a world of Magic, tragedy struck; war was initiated between three great magic empires for reasons unbeknownst to the larger public.  The upheaval of such caused what was known as the Sixth Umbral catastrophe, with the enraged elements flooding the continent.  The aftermath was just as turbulent, as cities were destroyed and their populations decimated.


Survivors employed various means to cope with what little the new era had for them.  While each nation's elite formulated their own plans, many who did not fall under such -- or in some cases, agree with their methods -- had to fend for themselves.   Fear and hatred dominated the hearts of the surviving masses, and a witch hunt began of any remaining magic user that did not find their own methods of escape.


In the peoples' rage, their ability to discern science from magic was blinded, and countless mages and scholars were executed for the crime of using aetheric abilities.  Such practices were deemed taboo for hundreds of years, and those gifted in such arts had to find ways to both hide their abilities and survive the harsh conditions of this new world.


Many of the magic users that remained in Eorzea turned to religious practices and claimed their abilities were gifts of the Twelve, escaping persecution due to the peoples' fear of a wrathful god.  The Requite of the Sixth has its own history during this period as a secretive cult of researchers and magic users desperately trying to preserve their knowledge.  Many of their kin were executed, and their story -- as well as the story of their descendants -- lived on in secret until Seventh Umbral disaster.






[align=center]"Order to fight against the disorder of the masses; they that allow their hearts to be swayed by fear.  Evil is the path set against the ones in power... those whose possessions shall one day belong to the down trodden that live life in poverty, while maintaining a heart full of strength."




[align=center]Government:  Self-Governed, Magocracy


Alignment:  Lawful Evil

Compatibility:  Neutral, Chaotic Good

Dislikes:  True Evil


City State Relations:

Limsa Lominsa: Friendly  -- Working relationship with Pirates.  Employs Privateers.

Gridania: Neutral  -- Dislike of Xenophobia, but assists with Forest security and defense.  Trade.

Ul'dah: Mutual Dislike  -- Avoids Inner Ul'dah, but still seen around streets, taverns, Bazaars.*

Ishgard: Business -- Trade, Negotiations, Working relationship.*

Ala Mhigo: Smuggler -- Because **** the Garleans.

Doma:  Smuggler  -- See above.

Idyllshire: Neutral  -- Base camp for field research.

Mor Dhona: Friendly -- Archaeology assistance.

Garleans:  At War



*Misc. in Depth

Ul'dah Alleys: Friendly -- Frequent assistance provided

Ul'dah Refugees: Friendly -- Frequent assistance provided

The Brume:  Friendly  -- Frequent assistance provided

High Houses:  Neutral  -- Occasional Tea Parties





[align=center]"You anger quickly, because you are meek.  Unable to accept things as they are.  A fool set in a world you do not understand.  A joker that is the joke.  Ask yourself... what would you do if you had the power to change everything?  Your answer will make you more dangerous than those you abhor."





Historic Enemies:  Witch hunters, Enigma of the Twelve, Saints of the Void, Bane of Flames

Recent Enemies:  Garleans, Ul'dahn Syndicate

Dislikes: Those without magic Affinity if not specifically in the "like" section.  Elementals.  Brass Blades.  Xenophobia.  Misuse of Magic (Or what they view as such).

Hates:  Those without magic affinity and claim Eorzean Ancestory dating back as far as the Sixth Umbral Era.  Ascians.  Cowards.  Those that mistreat the poor.

Livid (May attack on sight):  Garlean Officials, Syndicate Members (Not really applicable since they're NPCs).



Historical Allies: Bandits, Smugglers, Pirates (Survival)

Recent Allies: None

Likes:  Outlaws, Pirates, Treasure Hunters, Scholars, Teachers, Professors, Underworld, Neutral Evil, Void Research, Aether Research, Archaeology.

Loves:  Powerful Magic Users (or those with potential), Own Members, The Fearless, The Charitable, The Confident, The Poor that have strong wills and hearts.

Exalted:  Dread Admiral Unabara, The Sinclaret lineage.



Looking for:  Contacts and Members for the following (and beyond).


Magic Users -- From Apprentice to Master, researchers (note that PLD and DRK also use magic)

Students -- Magic Student, General Studies, Crafting, Self-Defense, Art and Music

Pirates -- Experienced Sea or Sky Pirates to be hired as Privateers

Exiles -- Those that have no where else to turn

Outlaws -- From cutthroats to assassins

Smugglers -- Information or items, a lot of (IC) work is expected once Stormblood comes!

Treasure Hunters --  Game system and Role Play.

Bandits -- The Syndicate certainly won't miss a few of those caravans.

Social Workers -- Charity workers, Information Brokers, Tavern Workers, Entertainers, Prostitutes, Underworld Agents... anyone with access to information that want an extra paycheck.

Staff -- Estate Staff, Teachers, etc.  Butlers and Maids.



[align=center]"Place a sword in a poor man's hand and you'll have tragedy.  Give power to the those that have known fear all their life and you'll have death.  Show kindness to those that so rarely see it, and you'll have a legion."




Member Benefits:


- Free HQ equipment for new classes, up to 50.  Advance notice is required.  Don't abuse this.

- Actual Pay (gil) for performing certain jobs -- Nothing big, but it's for RP depth.

- Unsync'd help on storyquests for quick queues (subject to availability)

- Furniture for those who acquire the material for such

- Free Room (or reimbursement) for your first character, subject to after the new housing districts are released.*  Those who purchased one will be put on a list for reimbursement after the date in question.  Additionally subject to elements out of the guild leader's control. 

- (IC) Free Health Care with Mansion's Infirmary

- (IC) Two meals a day when on the Estate

- (IC) Free Student Tuition

- (IC) The above three also apply to Spouse and children

- (IC) Life Insurance -- Magic is a dangerous profession

- Heat of Battle buff active 24/7 during Stormblood or upon request.

- Loans: We all have that time when we need a little extra gil.  It's fine.  Just role play your character asking the FC for such.  You could pay it back or work it off with FC tasks.  Note that outlandish amounts that seem impossible to work off may be rejected.  This is mostly an honor based system OOCly.  Though your character is the one that will face consequences if they don't perform their tasks or pay it back.  It's seriously not worth getting mad over virtual currency OOCly.  But it won't help with matters of trust or future help.

Benefits may be dropped or altered at any time for IC or OOC reasons.


*If you are a new player and or someone who is low on gil, exceptions may be made to help you acquire a room early.



[align=center]"In old times, we fought against chaotic mages that used their power recklessly.  Using one's power to oppress others begets disaster.  Disaster misunderstandings.  Misunderstandings, witch hunts.  Though it seems now that money and technology spur the same results."




Ranks (Subject to change from feedback or IC reasons):

Viscount (The Head Lineage has been considered Nobility since the early days of the organization.)

Augur Regalia (Mainly GM's Alts and a few trusted individuals)

Council of Eons (Highest Officer rank)

Avatar of War (Highest Officer Rank for Melee)

Battlemage (Elite Magic User trained and ready for battle)

Chevalier (Honor Guard for the Viscount or Council; Auto promotion to Avatar if Viscount)

Professor (Teacher and Researcher)

Privateer (Outlaws -- Pirates, Bandits, rogues)

Manipulator (Unspecialized Magic User or one not suited for battle)

Archaeologist (Treasure Hunter, Researcher)

Estate Staff (Maids, Butlers, Etc.)




Two additional slots are available for future use.  Only Council of Eons is considered an Officer rank.  Avatar of War has honorary officer powers and may be looked to when neither the Viscount or an Eon member is present.  Besides that, rank number does not indicate a hierarchy aside from obvious indications.  I.E. Battlemage is higher than a Manipulater, but both are equal to a Privateer since they're different jobs.  Like fighters, Magic users may also become Avatars of War if they so wish (it is, after all, a Magocracy).


More on Officer duties in the Information page.



Version 1.1



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