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SO, as I am sure, as with all creative minds who are constantly at work, or get bored easily, there are some ideas you have had that you haven't approached more than in thought.


I was hoping we could share those ideas here. Based on lore, what groups, characters, and storylines have you dreamed up but haven't put into form yet, or may never put into form! This is in the lore section, so please do provide us with the origin of the idea based in FFXIV or in whatever other story that you took it from and how it would be applied?


Please only share if you are willing both to share in writing, but also in practice as there is no promise that others won't like the idea enough to make it happen. Likewise, if you like an idea, please inform that person that you would like to try it out, or that you would be interested to in putting in the work to make it otherwise happen.


Looking forward to these ideas, and I will share one or two after we get a couple down hopefully!

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