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Irontalon «IT-RP»

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rontalon was formed under the idea of being the talon of a great bird. Iron and strong, but used not out of foolishness or for random. The bird strikes for a reason and only kills what it must. If we can be that for people who need our assistance, then the world that we live in might just be a little bit brighter. May we not strike or kill without thought and purpose.[/align]





[align=center]un by Kasumi Yamamoto, a Raen who was born in Doma and trained as a dragoon. She traveled to Limsa Lominsa and found retirement within Eorzea. While living there she found many restless souls who had skills that could help others. Forming this free company to work with not only the Grand Companies, but also the average people of the land. No matter the skill, she wishes to find a purpose for it that could help in some way. Be it for the betterment of the few or the many.[/align]



Rank 6

Saving up for a House






[align=center]Send a /tell to Kasumi Yamamoto, or message me here if you are interested in this role play free company that does in world odd jobs and has a social aspect. Wondering how the company works or confused about the idea of "in world odd jobs", please ask![/align]




Free Company chat is Out Of Character

Linkshell chat is In Character

We also have a Discord

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