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Moonfire and her RPz

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LIke some of the others, I don't have any character info yet. I plan to play a Miqo'te female and am working on her profile.


RP Style:

  • Amount of RP:  I am very very rarely not in character. I find that the best RP is one that fills the whole spectrum of the game. While "on the field RP" is my favorite, I enjoy variety and often attend RP events and visit taverns from time to time. I vary from heavy to light RP depending on who I am RPing with. 
  • Views on Combat & Injuries:   I have yet to find a combat system that I am happy with. I think the actual skills, backstory, and actual level need to be taken into account not just someone's RP skills in a fight. To me everything about the character (skills armor etc) should count towards IC combat. I prefer things to be worked out through OOC chat as they progress. No one should maim or kill a player's character. I dislike fights where the role of a healer is downplayed to be more difficult than a mage casting a spell. It's a magic world and thus heals should be treated like all magic. I also won't agree to a character doing something that their skill set doesn't include unless they have a valid story reason for it and it is explained prior.
  • Views on IC Romance: Romance is the spice of the RP world. The best romance is one that develops through a friendship and traditional fight side by side keeping each other safe.  I tend to stick to heterosexual relationships and play female characters. (Nothing against gay or bi relationships I just can't get into them.)
    ERP - Can really add to the "feel" of the IC relationship. Detailed or "black curtain" are both cool for me. I am happily married and my husband is comfortable and kept in the loop. The main thing is that the partner understands that it is strictly a character thing.
  • Views on non-romantic RP: I love developing deep and solid IC friendships as much as a romance, sometimes even more so. The best are when you have similiar play schedules and can really hang out in the game as much as possible. Family: I like involving my OOC friends and husband in my character's stories (with their permission) and often they play a relative.
  • Views on Lore:  No one should be expected to know everything. I think most people get too crazy about throwing down the lore "bible". Gentle explanations to people who lore break suffice for me. In the end they have the last say as to what they do. I don't disown people who lore break as long as they don't force me to do the same. I do try to stick to the lore and have trouble deviating from the "usual" personality types of a race.
  • Views on chat functions: My biggest pet peeve is people talking OOCly without brackets in /say. I prefer an IC guild chat (either through communicators or magical devices but you need to RP that you are talking into them. Don't let guild chat be a metagaming channel for information). People limit themselves too much when it comes to IC and OOC chat. You can usually find an IC way to explain or talk about any game item, experience, etc. if you try hard enough. I keep /tells and party chats for OOC. I turn off zone, trade, and general chats because it kills my immersion and view of society. 

Other Info

  • Country: USA, EST
  • Login Times: Weekdays are sporadic in the afternoon and study 9PM EST to about Midnight. Weekends I am usually on more often but it is still some what sporadic. 
  • Contact Info: message me here or http://www.enjin.com/profile/425213 (I love enjin!)
    I love being social and will happily chat your ear off.

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