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FFXIV RP Event Calendar Change Log

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I got asked to start putting these over here as well, since some folks don't want to look at tumblr for them and I don't do the daily blasts over here, so stuff falls through the cracks on my posts for mid week updated.


So anyway:



06/07/2017 - Poetry Night at Dragon Tree Lounge

06/07/2017 - Loyal Roast Cafe (https://goo.gl/r3Ch2q)

06/09/2017 - The Keeper’s Kiss: Open Cabaret (https://goo.gl/1n9q5g)

06/11/2017 - Town of Allag (https://goo.gl/jmkuTM)


06/10/2017 - Sable Bazaar (now with a URL: https://goo.gl/EHJPEF)


06/22/2017 - Tonberry Tavern Night - Tall Tales (Removed for this month, will resume on 7/27)

07/01/2017 - Garden of Words - Open RP (On hiatus until sometime after SB launch)


Edit: proper server tagging

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06/12/2017 - The Sultana's Cup: Ala Mhigan Resistance Charity Show (https://goo.gl/s29Hju)

06/12/2017 - Balmung Summer Party! (https://goo.gl/KnHgjP)

06/13/2017 - Guitar & Viol (musical Review) (https://goo.gl/E3WQnX)

06/14/2017 - A Taste of the East (https://goo.gl/rgNMto)

06/17/2017 - Lala Meet Up (https://goo.gl/cBsgrM)


06/14/2017 - Stellazzio Pizzeria (On hiatus for a month for SB Release)


Please note, while I try and skim the board for these, submit changes (here)

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07/07/2017 - Eternus Tavern Night (https://goo.gl/jrb15u)

07/09/2017 - The Cat's Meow - 2nd Annual Beach Party (https://goo.gl/TVVv3C)


07/03/2017 - Lala Meetup Event

07/03/2017 - Orchid 317 Open Mic Night (Returned on 7/10)


07/09/2017 - Drunken Moogle Open RP (Now at LB Ward 9, Plot 5)

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07/14/2017 - Mandragora Munchies - Now properly in the Goblet instead of LB (https://goo.gl/daLuUc'>https://goo.gl/daLuUc)

07/14/2017 - Eternus Tavern Night - Renamed back from Heaven and Earth Tavern (https://goo.gl/vPyGof)

07/15/2017 - Sunny Seaside Bar - Fixed location in description (https://goo.gl/daLuUc)

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07/18/2017 - The Tenth Night at the Cliffs (https://goo.gl/sb2Fz9)

07/19/2017 - Grand Opening of the After-Dark Grill (https://goo.gl/qmEqfn)

07/19/2017 - Stellazzio Pizzeria (https://goo.gl/uoRm9p)

07/21/2017 - The Levinfist Tournament (https://goo.gl/SjdBon)

07/21/2017 - Garlean Pub Crawl: Kugane Edition (https://goo.gl/782ANE)

07/22/2017 - Club Crescent - On The Beach (https://goo.gl/RccYqt)

07/23/2017 - The Dragon's Crown Tavern Event (https://goo.gl/WviuyU)

07/30/2017 - Midsummer Nights (https://goo.gl/voeJQM)

08/06/2017 - Remembrance of the Errant Sword (https://goo.gl/goWu2U)


07/20/2017 - Lominsan Fight Club (EU Edition) now runs from 3pm - 5pm US Eastern Time

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07/22/2017 - The Garden of Words - Open RP (https://goo.gl/yBkTpg)

07/23/2017 - Poetry Night at the Dragon Tree Lounge (https://goo.gl/Dh4awf)


07/24/2017 - Orchid 318 Open Mic Night (look for a resubmittal soon)

08/04/2017 - Artifice of Reason


07/22/2017 - Fixed a bug where Heaven and Earth tavern didn't correctly rename all the events...

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Some of these are post dated, it's been a busy week.


08/07/2017 - Mandragora Munchies (Now twice a week!)


08/03/2017 - Lominsian Fight Club EU Edition (Now on Fridays instead of Thursdays and 1 hour earlier)


08/02/2017 - Loyal Roast Cafe

08/02/2017 - Last Bell Bar

08/03/2017 - The Magitek Princess

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The real date of Sunday is 08/06/2017 not 08/07/2017.  I fail at doing these just after midnight.   Mandragora Munchies is -today- not Monday.

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08/08/2017 - Gin Mill Beachside Brawl Pub (https://goo.gl/ZBCrWV)

08/10/2017 - Ashen Enclave - Open Clinic Night (https://goo.gl/KEZ4Z5)

08/11/2017 - The Bushido Royale (https://goo.gl/4X8vEd)

08/26/2017 - End of Summer Beach Bash (https://goo.gl/3yQrqC)


08/07/2017 - The Divination Room (Will be back on Sept 4th)

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08/08/2017 - Gin Mill Beach Brawl / Gin Mill Backwoods Brawl - Times fixed to 8pm EST.

The Backwoods Brawl will not be this week as it's replaced by the Beach Brawl

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08/14/2017 - Lucky Sparrow Entertainment Troupe (https://goo.gl/A8mdYJ)

08/19/2017 - 3rd Annual Moonfire Faire Melon Crushing Contest (https://goo.gl/m9gLQn)

08/24/2017 - Battle at the Big Beach 2! (https://goo.gl/BjaEY3)

08/27/2017 - Alliance Night at the Bandee Pakshee (https://goo.gl/tNVn8c)


08/19/2017 - The Garden of Words - Book & Coffee Shop (Renamed from Garden of Words - Open RP)

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08/25/2017 - The Ijin Mill

08/26/2017 - Rendezvous Host Club (https://goo.gl/FJazi1)

08/29/2017 - The Keeper's Kiss: Open Cabaret - Grand Reopening (https://goo.gl/YHKms6)

09/01/2017 - A Mid-Summer Night Masquerade (https://goo.gl/tTmYLG)

09/09/2017 - Divine Flora (https://goo.gl/5tFp1P)

09/18/2017 - Genko and Khokanchin Open House and Auction (https://goo.gl/319YQz)


08/25/2017 - Eternus Tavern Night - Now Biweekly on weeks opposite the Velvet Rose

08/26/2017 - Sunny Seaside Bar - Postponed until the 26th of August. (was 08/19/2017)

08/31/2017 - Tonberry Tavern Nights - Tall Tales (Moved to last Friday of the month). Also a new link (https://goo.gl/HXBdLA)

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08/30/2017 - Ul'dah Soup Kitchen (https://goo.gl/3tmxtc)

09/02/2017 - Castrum Reficiendum Open Bar (https://goo.gl/sCK3z9)

09/07/2017 - The Golden Gil Casino & Resort: Casino Night (https://goo.gl/RZMCKD)



09/09/2017 - Lala Meet Up - Now at Kugane at the Bokaisen Hot Springs



09/03/2017 - 09/17/2017 - The Dragon's Crown (On hiatus until 09/24/2017)

09/08/2017 - Ijin Mill - Event is being refactored into a new event.

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I'm going to pre-emptively post that I'm going to fall behind a few days in the routine updates on this thing.  I'm on my way to DragonCon and will be busy having anxiety attacks over being in the art show again, so I probably won't get to the calendar updates until Tuesday or Wednesday.


That said if you're at the convention and you want to meet myself (or the far more entertaining Nefzen who originated this) give a yell.

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09/06/2017 - Bountiful Chest Tavern (https://goo.gl/GbtkC6)

09/10/2017 - 2nd Annual Maelstrom Grand March Parade (https://goo.gl/d2dRmF)

09/12/2017 - Preparing for Gyr Abania - a lecture (https://goo.gl/MScEqZ)

09/12/2017 - Guitar & Mandolin (https://goo.gl/WjbQ2u)

09/23/2017 - Mister & Miss Eorzea 2017 (https://goo.gl/WvuaG9)


09/11/2017 - Lucky Sparrow (Now 2nd and Last Monday)

09/20/2017 - Ashen Enclave (Now on 1st and 3rd Wednesday)

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09/12/2017 - Poetry Night at the Dragon Tree (https://goo.gl/s2GMrZ)

09/12/2017 - The Trial of the Vath Adventurer (https://goo.gl/96auP4)

09/16/2017 - Club Crescent (https://goo.gl/uBBbzA)

09/17/2017 - The Enclave's Charity Raffle Night (https://goo.gl/m1BpwH)

09/17/2017 - Watcher's Eye Black Market (https://goo.gl/dHHXsP)

09/22/2017 - Mahou Royale (https://goo.gl/tbj7oT)

09/22/2017 - Thaliak's Embrace Restaurant Night (https://goo.gl/g5CJfJ)


09/12/2017 - Gin Mill Backwoods Brawl: Updated Contacts

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