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Greetings, my friend!


One of the things that is cool about FF is that classic Japanese love affair with rivals.


Seifer and Squall are perhaps the best representation of this, but Cloud and Sephiroth and Zidane and Kuja.


These are groups of characters locked together in struggle.  Such would be my idea here.  The introduction of a rival for my character, Konner, but more and most importantly, a character that will add spice and life to an on-going, ever-changing story.


The idea would be that you were hired to kill Konner by someone from his home lands for crimes against his clan.  (The details are not important, as the assassin wouldn't need to know them and I am not one of those guys who ubbers my backstory.)


A duel would ensue and from there a draw between the two would occur.  Having found a match (and after reading your bio, it seems you favor the blade and testing your skills with it) they would part ways. 


This would all be to set up the ability for you to come and go out of the group we are forming as you please.  Sometimes helping, sometimes trying to kill/disrupt me or any of the other members.


This would allow you freedom to do whatever was needed to make for interesting events (except kill people of course :)).  The only time anything would be staged would be the first duel described above.  After that everything would be up to you when and where you might pop in to spice things up.


This idea is of course free for anyone else to reply to.  I hope you enjoy the concept idea.

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Yeah sure, I don't mind RPing your character's assassin/rival. And you are totally right about Tyonis not caring about the details of a job, especially one that promises a good fight or two - that in itself would be considered a type of payment to someone like Tyonis, who enjoys testing the sharpness of his fangs.

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