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Hey all,


We are currently planning on making a guild Newspaper, for others on the new server we wish to play on (bringing RP to one of the new servers!). Currently we plan on calling it:


The Tales of Tails (Complete with a Miqo'te tail logo! *dun dun dun!*) Hehe.


We are looking for writers for various sections so don't be shy, join in our free company today! :D

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So far,


We will be in Moogle (EU) Server, and trying to build a fresh RP community from their. We are currently hoping, to start up forum RP on our guild site to help us transition our story, with abdundance of depth come the time of Open Beta. There will be various ways to enjoy the Lore of Hydaelyn, and there is various lore threads and discussions on our guild site.


So feel free to pop in. We are currently planning to be a band of mercenaries.. a family in a sense, but story has not developed as far as that yet, we are still deciding. So now is an opportune time to join in.



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I really cant wait for this game and It will be fun starting on one of the new servers to build up a nice little community ^^ I mean its our dutie as players to make servers that are not as... how should I put it... "popular" as others into great servers and bring more players to the game ^^



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