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I've been fairly silent around here lately, but that's largely due to a new project I've been working on and would like to share with the community.


At the beginning of April, I launched a RP focused website. The site is not focused on any one game, or even any one gaming medium. We're going to cover traditional table top, live action role play, MMO based role play, and forum/play by post based RP. Some articles do focus on a specific game or medium, while others convey things that apply to all mediums.


The Realm of Role Play is moving into its third month here shortly, and we decided last week to move off of WordPress.com, although we still use the Word Press platform for the site itself.


We have regularly scheduled content, and will be having guest content as well; I already have a couple of people volunteering to write a few articles over their summer breaks, for example. I would love to have someone writing a FFXIV: ARR focused article, if anyone would enjoy doing such!


Our current line up of regular articles includes:

Pathfinding by Sumevala

Wednesday Night D&D Recap by Ixy Morningstar

The Guilded Word by Badger De Worde

M7 Records by Madchen Verrukt

The Prince's Primer by Ixy Morningstar

The Wandering RPer by Shadowed Sin

Character Development: Tips & Tricks by Ixy Morningstar

The Onyx Wolf by Volkmar

Library of Neverwinter by Ixy Morningstar (and various others, as time goes by)


Aside from the articles, the site does link to several role play sites for the various games we talk about in our articles. Currently, the following sites are linked, and I'm totally open to more suggestions; however, I'm working out some sort of system for linking to guild specific sites, so there are no guild sites here yet.


Altear - Shadowed Sin's historical fantasy forum based RPG

Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background - A wonderful guide to character creation that was just featured in the first Character Development: Tips & Tricks

Guild Wars 2 Role Players - The largest GW2 RP community

Hydaelyn Role-Play Coalition - The largest FFXIV RP community, this site!

The Krytan Herald - An IC newspaper for GW2

The NeXus - An IC newspaper for WildStar

The Scowling Cassian - A WildStar role play blog

The Tamriel Witness - An IC newspaper for ESO

WildStar Role Play - A WildStar RP fan site


Anyway, there's two months' worth of articles on the site already. If you don't want to register an account, you can use Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Tumblr to find out when an article has been posted. I had to make companion pages for the Realm for anyone who didn't want to make an account but still wanted to be kept up to date.

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