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Guild-Forum help?

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Hello there, everyone.


Currently, Im struggling to set up, or rather re-organizing, a board for the guild I am planning.

Now.. Im not very good at stuff like that and thought I might ask around if there is someone willing to lend me a hand here.

Mostly just small things like helping me with some board-icons. You know, like closed topics, new postings, etc..


And is it possible that there is no fansite kit? I think that would make it much more easy.. I cant have the board keep its Aion-Style now, can I. *snicker*

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I can probably offer a little help depending on what forum software you're using. I recently started learning to skin Invision Free, so if that's of any use to you..? xD I can also do some icons/graphics etc. but I'm not really as good as the people who make really awesome guild forums. :<


sample, another sample Haven't actually done most of the icons for those but you can see the main forum Japanese text ones on the first one. xD

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