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The Lore Seekers {Lamia}

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Not all RP is on Balmuung or Gilgamesh! There's RP to be had in Lamia too!


The Lore Seekers is a Lamia Server Linkshell for Players who want to Roleplay characters that are Benjamin Gates (Nick Cage's character in National Treasure) of Eorzea! If you live and breathe the rich history of Eorzea, then this will be a great Linkshell for you. We're fairly new and are still growing, which means there's plenty of opportunity to get your foot in the door and help build something great!


If you're interested at all, please message me: Nisah Liseh! I'm online Wednesday's through Friday's any time after 12pm CST, and Saturday's through Tuesday's after 5pm CST! Hope to hear from some people soon! RP is not lost on Lamia!

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