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Nostalgic Immuration - Closed -

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Revan's gaze loomed down at the wooden table before him, one single candle was used to dimly light the room that he was being contained in, an interrogation room of sorts. His hands and feet were bounded tightly to the chair he was in by rope, and though he struggled to get free of his binds, it was to little avail. After an hour of remaining in the dark chamber, the great wooden door finally opens and a tall older Rogaedyn with white hair and a full white beard enters and sits in the chair on the otherside of the table.


"Things aren't looking good for you, Highlander..." He said grimly, staring at Revan with a matter-o-fact expression written upon his features. "Witnesses account that you killed one man inside the tavern, were the cause of the firing breaking out, and furthermore, you had been seen by commissioned soldiers slaying one of your own kind in the front of the Bismarck... you are either very stupid, or insane... Why? Why did you subject to interfere in matters that were not your own? More importantly, why did you set the place ablaze and endanger many innocent lives... many of those not involved in the conflict that had occured?"


"...who are you, that you know so well the lives of those who dwell in this land's most pathetic of places, and can rightfully and consciously call them innocent?... you, a man who is sanctioned to protect this city and the pathetic waste of life that dwells within, would know more than anyone that there is no one truly innocent. Are you so sure that you are?" Revan's cerulean eyes break away from the table, rising to meet the Rogaedyn Captain's gaze with a slowly forming half-smile. "Did you see the way the chaos insued?... one fight broke out and in moments the whole tavern was brandishing blades, and loosing weapons to other people, not knowing those who were involved... Their carelessness is the lesson to be learned... To kill without thinking, is to unleash chaos... it is such insanity that had nearly costed them their lives. All I brought was an inevitable outcome of uncontrolled pandemonium faster than they were closing in upon it... and yet, not all of them managed to kill each other. Insane as it may sound, Rogaedyn... I probably saved their lives... opened their eyes to the disorder they so blindly fell entranced to from the very beginning of the night... These people... they're no different than the Garleans... a plague of this land... a disease that there is no cure for... an infection that is spreading, destroying the world we live in..."


Revan paused looking upon the Rogaedyn who now began to frown further at Revan's reply. "..what has ailed you that brought you to such unimaginable thinking?"


"...only the scars that have plagued my own soul... caused by the very ignorance of the people I lay witness to tonight."


Revan's smile faded away and looked to the door. "Have I answered your questions well enough for you, or is there something else you wish to ask?" Revan seemed serious in his speech and thinking, however irrational his thought may have sounded.


"I think I've heard enough... you seem to be a sick dog, suffering, with no one... nothing to turn to. There is only one logical thing to do, and that is to put you out of your misery..." He shakes his head standing to his feet. "You made a big mistake, highlander. The man you killed was the younger brother of a very powerful man... As his brother's life was taken, I have agreed to make your life One-Eye's. A just price for the blood that was shed, I believe... I doubt you will live to see the light of tomorrow, but my prayers go with you, that perhaps in death, you will find peace. My conscious however tells me, that you will burn in hell."


Revan smiles at the Rogaedyn's bold words, saying to him as he leaves from the door he had entered. "My life is mine to take, and no other..."


The Rogaedyn captain looks back at Revan with a disappointed expression, shaking his head, his eyes showing however that there was something about Revan that either bothered him... or that he held respect for. Nonetheless, he had a job to do and would fulfill it. He turned and closed the great door behind him, latching it once more from the outside.

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A day... two days... who knows how many had passed. That was the one thing that always was rough about captivity... you could never figure out just how much time had gone by. The first prison he was held in captivity in there was no light that reached him where he was at, until a year past and the tower roof had gone without maintenance. This place was no different, though the conditions were kingly compared to that of Garlea. Revan regained conciousness and found himself dangling by his hands, by metal chains a good three feet off the ground. He was stripped of his leather armor and was only wearing a pair of cloth pants that were in terrible condition. Blood was dripping down his wrists where he had been hanging by his hands for so long. His body spun idly and very slowly where the bolt of the chain would rotate upon the ceiling.


He wasn't in the best shape at this moment, he had been flogged, fresh cuts overwritten the scars he priorly had over his body, but the truth was, he would take Limsa Lominsa's torture antics over that of the Garlean Empire any day. He knew it wouldn't be long before One-Eye came to the prison. He had a feeling he may have been dealing with some of the militia figureheads, as there was much rumour that many of them were corrupt. Revan's eyes opened and looked to the wooden door as it opened, the Rogaedyn Captain from the day before, walking in... along with a very tall and muscular highlander, with long hair that reached the bottom of his back, and a rough beard and raven black hair. He had a tremendous deep scar that ran down his left forhead, through his brow, down through his left eyelids, and curved down over his mouth and under his chin. He wore an eyepatch over the dead eye.


"...it seems you have a visitor, Highlander." The Rogaedyn spoke quietly.


"...Leave us, Mardescus." The highlander said, approaching Revan very slowly.


Revan's eyes raised to meet Lengalad's and while there was no outward emotion shown on Revan's face, his eyes resonated a hatred more fiery than the flames that had destroyed his homeland. Mardescus turns and walks through the doors closing them behind him.


"Lord Revanoth, of House Malachai... I certainly did not think I would see you again." The highlander began to clap his hands in mock-amusement. "Well done. You've managed to kill two people, and burn down a building, and need I mention, the enemies you have made... Quite impressive for a day's work. Not something I would expect from the 'Jewel of Ala Mihgo', I'll admit. And in the thick of things you had killed my beloved baby brother..." The man drove his fist back and swung it full force at Revan's solar plexus. Revan coughed violently and began to breath heavily as the wind was knocked out of him. "...but here as you lie, without sword in hand... a pathetic piece of filfth... a waste of the gods' creativity. A weakling with only one inevitable end."


Lengalad halted just before Revanoth, and placed an idle hand on the side of Revan's thigh as he dangled there, looking up to Revanoth's beaten face. "Though, I am one who can easily forgive... provided that those who trespass against me try can make right by it... Celgad was weak hearted, weak willed... he's lucky I did not kill him myself. But you, Revan... you are strong. I saw with my very own two eyes, while I had them still, what you had done in Ala Mihgo. I could use a man with your abilities..." Lengalad had trailed off.


Revan looked up from the ground, eyes landing upon the man standing before him with great distain.


"... the last man who tried to bribe me to his will, killed my wife when I refused. That very man is now dead, Lengalad, and I assure you he suffered an unimaginable death..." The man whispered quietly. His words grew even more quiet as he continued, almost inaudible. "You know what I have to say to your offer?"


Lengalad raised a brow unable to decipher the man's words. He leaned closer to him. "What?.."


Revanoth drove his right knee with all his strength into Lengalad's nose, the highlander falling back against the ground, his hands rising to clog the nostrils which were now bleeding profusely. He staggered to get up, blood running over his mouth and down his chin. "...son of a bitch." He reached at his belt for a dagger and unsheathed it, closing in quickly upon Revan and thrusting his dagger, just below Revan's ribs. Revan roared in pain as the dagger ripped through his flesh, and crimson began to pour down his skin, dripping onto the floor beneath him.


The Highlander cocked his head back and laughed as he turned towards the door. "Death is clearly your wish... Who am I to keep you from such fate?" The highlander opened the doors and closed them, leaving Revan to his fate.


As Revan lost more and more blood, slowly he drifted into unconsciousness.

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When Revan woke up, he was being dragged down a dark alley within Limsa Lominsa, by a man who appeared to be a guard. He was lying upon a cot of some sort, which he was being dragged on. Revan looks down at the wound to see it was properly cleaned and stopped. He apparently was lucky enough that no vital organs were wounded. He however was fevered and chills were going through his body. The guard dragging him had a sack over his back, a great nodachi sticking out, that was Illucien.


"...w.. where am I?" Revan whispered quietly.


The guard glanced back, his features masked by the helmet he was wearing. "Quiet mate. We're not outta harm's way yet..." Revan's eyes quirked with what little energy he had, left, unaware of what was happening or who this stranger was, or whether or not he meant well upon him.

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