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[align=center]The Seven[/align]


"To understand each other

And to share your feelings with each other

Those things are like bubbles

Hiding themselves in the grains of time

So I have lost all hope

Believing it would be impossible to grab them

Until I met you"


"How long have you been carrying

This pain inside you?

How long have you been hiding

The sadness in your eyes while you smile?

If we now embrace the miracle of our encounter

And look into each other's eyes, we become stronger

If this is not what is called love

Then what is love?"


Seven is the number of happiness.  Long has the number seven been associated with good luck and fortune.


.......Seven souls, not alike and yet, none more fortunate to be of the same.......  Together now, they shall become as one......  Not for themselves.......  or even for each other......  Theirs is of a combined fate for the others yet known to them......  for those who cannot shall find that these seven shall for them........ 

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We are currently seeking a Kefka from FF6 style antagonist for some good old fashion fate of the world hangs in the balance RP. This character needs to be like Kefka in that they hate all life and want to destroy it to have the world remade in their image.


Please contact me here or in game if you are interested.


Thank you


Konner Kinkaid - faceman7381

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This has been discussed several times on these boards.  Now that the Seven is set and we are enjoying ourselves, it is time to test ourselves.


We would seek 4 'Warlords of Darkness' just like in Ronin Warriors:




To do battle against.  This would be the anti-Seven.


We need four people.


Please respond here.


We can't wait for this!

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Lol!! What is so funny is that I actually have a villain who I named after one of the bad guys in Ronin Warriors, the Warlord of Deception himself :3. He is currently a Garlean and is working as an antagonist for a few people/LS', but I would be willing to see if I could fit him into this plot line or possibly try to create a new character. Though I would prefer to keep my alts as close to two as possible (which I currently have). Shoot me a message here or in the game and we can see if this will work out ^^. I really do love playing the villain :3

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Oh, it's coming.....





The time draws near.....Fate can be so unkind.......




The EPIC continues!!!!!


Thanks to everyone who has become interested in us!


It has been a real shock to me how many people want in this.


We are very pleased at the attention we have been getting.  I apologize to those I have had to turn away due to our limited number of slots.


We REALLY love all you guys and we are considering other ways to find places for people that want in.


Understand that The Seven prides itself in taking the most UNIQUE characters there are.  If you are interested, speak with me.  There may be a way.


We go for personality first and foremost.  Make sure you are memorable.

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