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Seadogs and Fishbacks (Non-canon RP)

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“Listen ‘ere, mate. If we can’t find us a proper group t’ ‘andle this lil dilemma o’ ours, we might as well be readyin’ our nooses once the cap’n finds out what ‘e lost. Bloody bastard will ‘ave us ‘anging over the gallows by t’morrow’s light if ‘e finds out.”



Alecfort stared blankly at the pale grey horizon outside the tavern as he listened to the older Elezen sitting across from him. He seemed to be focused on the ominous dark pillows rolling across the gloomy sky in the distance.



“Oy!” Javeant cawed across the table, slamming a fist down to rattle the empty plates and glass placed before him in an attempt to catch the attention of the younger Duskwight, “You listenin’?”  From his peripheral vision, he could see a young couple at the other table giving him perplexed stares. He quickly turned to face them, “And just what in th’ seven ‘ells are you gawkin’ at? Piss off with those stares lest I pluck each o’ yer eyes out!”



As Javeant turned back to him after flipping the bird at the now leaving couple, Alecfort sighed. “How can I ignore you when you’ve a cry more shrill than a dying aldgoat?”, he returned his focus to his compatriot. “And are you trying to get us kicked out of the Drowning Wench once again? You know Baderon doesn’t take too kindly to you harassing his patrons.”


“That old dog? ‘e can sod off a dock for all I care.” Javeant smirked as he leaned back in his chair, both hands now resting on top of his head as his feet crossed to rest on the tabletop.



As if on cue, a challenging voice boomed from behind the cocksure Elezen,“Tha’ so, lad?”


A pale expression washed upon Javeant’s face as Alecfort shrugged as if to say “I told you.”


Baderon towered behind the seadog, one hand on the spine of the chair and the other on the table by Javeant’s feet. He smirked as the man sitting down made eye contact with him, “Feet off me table, scrag.” With that, the Hyur pulled back on the chair while throwing Javeant’s feet off the the table, causing the Elezen to fall back as Baderon let go of foot and chair.






“B-B-Baderon! Didn’t know ye returned!” Javeant exclaimed as he stumbled on his way up from the ground, picking up and righting the chair in the process.


Offering another sigh, Alecfort nodded to Baderon. “Excuse the idiot. We’ve been a bit panicked all morning. Perhaps him more so than I.”


“What’s eatin’ ye’ lad? Don’t tell me ye’ve gone and lost another one o’ yer capn’s precious cargo now, ‘ave ye?”


“Well yes, but it’s a bit different this time around. Me and this lout were returning from Aleport by boat with a shipment of supplies meant to be taken to Vesper Bay come the morrow. It would seem the Spinner and the Navigator had different plans however...” Alecfort looked to Javeant with a look of contempt.


“Oy! Don’t be lookin’ at me as if this was my doin’!”


Baderon furrowed his brow, as if he already knew what had transpired, “So what ‘appened, eh?”


Before Alecfort could chime back in, Javeant made an attempt to redeem himself as he plopped back into his seat. “Bloody Sea Reavers! Raided our vessel and forced us t’ walk off our own planks into th’ deep!”



“We’re lucky they decided not to gut us and turn us into chum for their Sahagin friends.”


“Bah! I would’ve gutted th’ fishbacks and filleted them fer dinner had they tried!”


“That -certainly- would have helped earlier, hm? But here we are shipless and likely to be hung for our cowardice once the Captain returns from Wineport.”


Having heard enough, Baderon butted in once more. “Alright scrags, listen ‘ere. Normally I’d tell ye both t’ sod off wit’ your problems an’ take ‘em t’ someone who gave two shites, but I’ve got a personal score t’ settle wit’ th’ fishbacks and th’ reavers meself, so I s’pose out o’ me own good graces, Ol’ Baderon will ‘elp you get a motley crew t’ assist ye whelps.”


“O’ course, it’ll cost ye whelps a pretty pinch o’ gil. T’aint a free service after all, an’ I can’t be bothered t’ pay these adventuring types out o’ me own pocket.”


Javeant and Alecfort looked to one another, thinking on Baderon’s offer. Without hesitation, the two Elezen looked to the proprietor of the Drowning Wench and offered a nod....





Not a bell after, Baderon had sent out one of his retainers to scout for idle adventures with the promise of gil and treasure should they take up the offer. Standing in the middle of the Octant, the slender Seawolf woman looked about as men and women of all races and creeds crossed the plaza between the Chocobo Stables and the Market Alleys.



She muttered to herself something to the extent of “Damn that bloody Baderon...” before cupping her hands around her mouth and calling out in hopes someone would pause to listen.



“Adventurer’s of Eorzea! The Adventurer’s Guild of Limsa Lominsa is seeking able men and women to assist in the recovery of a lost vessel! As a reward for your services, the Guild is paying the hefty sum of twenty thousand gil to any group that can return the vessel and its cargo back to the docks of Limsa before the morrow’s dawn! Those wishing to undertake this request are asked to head to the Zephyr Gate within a bell’s time and speak to Alecfort and Javeant!”








Please note that this RP is the test RP session which will be using the system as outlined in my other thread. Please do not post unless you are one of the testers who volunteered.


The following characters are set for this RP.

  • Xenedra
  • Kannadi
  • Tyonis
  • Caysen
  • Fearless
  • Remi
  • Myllor


When outside of combat, there is no turn order. However, it is requested that you wait to post again until the others have posted as well. This isn't a hard rule, just a guideline.


During normal RP, the characters have free roam as they would RPing in-game. If the RP begins to get slow or stagnant, the DM will move the story along by means of plot progression, events, or simply fast forwarding (walking from camp to the dungeon for example). 


Unless you've posted your character profile/affinity chart in the other thread, please include it in your opening post in a spoiler tag. The template can be found at the bottom of the rules thread.


For this RP, the DM will play most NPCs and all enemy characters. Players are able to introduce NPCs for dialogue pruposes. Please remember that the focus is on your characters however and not on the NPCs.


That's all for now! Feel free to post and get the RP rolling. I'll jump in to move the story along after 2 or 3 rounds of turns or if an NPC needs to talk. 


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Tyonis rubbed his ears irately; he was standing right next to the female Roegadyn just as she began bellowing her pitch. After the initial desire to punch the woman in the face passed, he listened to her repeat the quest a number of times, tapping his chin thoughtfully. Since coming to Limsa, the swordsman made ends-meet by hunting down the wide variety of scum that clung to the city’s lower decks. But the pay was bad and the fights were even worse.


At the very least, this job promised a great sum. With that much money, he could afford the company of fine wine and finer women. Convinced, Tyonis made his way to Zephyr Gate – and with a quick spin and flourish, pilfered a bright Faerie Apple from the food basket of a passerby who stopped to gawk at one of the prettier entertainers that littered the Octant.


His trip to the Gates reflected his current situation: boring and uneventful. He half-expected the Yellow Jackets to chase him down the decks for stealing in broad daylight, but it appeared his thievery was too good for his own good.


"Years of living as a street rat in Ul’dah are paying off in spades," he thought whimsically.


Since he arrived early, Tyonis had nothing to do but wait, so he sat in a comfortable corner, drew his utility knife, and began carving a pair of dancers into the stolen apple while whistling the melody line of a waltz popular among Ul'dah's aristocracy.




Character Name: Tyonis Trueblade (Magstrom)

Armor Type: No Armor

Total # of items: 19

Weight: +1




Weaponry: (8 Points)

  • Type XIIa. Longsword (Enchanted) – Main-hand/Two-hand. A longsword meant for powerful, sweeping blows and armor piercing thrusts. In duels, this type of sword functions best on the parry and riposte. One uses the blade's superior length to meet the opponent's blow at the height of the swing and deflects the force of the strike using the full length of the blade. After, one can counter with either a devastating thrust (against medium-heavily armored opponents) or a horizontal slash. Because of its speed and reach, it is extremely effective against heavy weaponry, such as greataxes, greatswords and halberds. Normally strapped across the back in a plain leather scabbard. The blade’s core serves as magical foci for Fire/Lightning elemental magic.
  • Knight’s Sword (Enchanted) – One-hand/Off-hand. A mid-length blade that prioritizes speed and accuracy while balancing offense and defense. Although reliable in mass-melees, this type of sword is more suited to smaller skirmishes and duels. Since its attack power is much lower than a longsword, it is not very effective against heavily armored adversaries. Normally belted at the hip in a plain leather scabbard. The blade’s core serves as magical foci for Fire/Lightning elemental magic.
  • Fang Blade – Retractable dagger blade hidden under the left sleeve. There is a small chord tied to the ring finger that serves as a triple-condition trigger to prevent the blade from releasing during inconvenient times. When the hand is flexed down and the arm is cocked back as if to punch, the firing wheel is cocked. When the wrist is flexed up, the blade will release under it. If necessary, the triggers can be reset by relaxing the hand. Because of the of the springs, it is difficult to retract the blade during combat. By pressing and twisting on the rotation wheel, the blade can be forcefully disengaged. To retract normally, one must turn the firing wheel by hand. Used for assassinations, surprise attacks, or hand-to-hand combat.
  • Wolf Claw – Retractable dagger blade hidden under the heel of the right shoe. Like the Fang Blade, this dagger weapon utilizes a triple-condition trigger with a chord tied to the toe to prevent any unintentional releases. One preps the release by tapping the top of the foot on the ground or on a hard enough surface to proc the trigger. If necessary, the trigger can be reset with another tap. After, one tightly chambers the leg for a hook-kick or close-range axe-kick. On the kick extension, the blade is released. It is difficult to retract the blade during combat, so it can be disengaged by striking a trigger at the ankle. Used for assassinations, surprise attacks, or hand-to-hand combat.

Attire: (5 Points)

  • Half-Gauntlets (Black) – Finger-less leather gloves with a single plate of folded steel over the back of the hand.
  • Rainmaker’s Tunic (Blue)
  • Velveteen Kecks (Black)
  • Toadskin Shoes (Brown)
  • Leather Survival Belt

Sundries: (6 Points)

  • Opiate Extract – A pinky-sized dose of narcotic that serves as a powerful but addictive painkiller.
  • Utility Knife – Multipurpose working knife mainly used for dressing game (non-combative). Stored in the Leather Survival Belt.
  • Water Canteen – Filled with diluted liquor. Stored in the Leather Survival Belt.
  • Traveling Rations – Stored in the Leather Survival Belt.
  • Climbing Rope – Stored in the Leather Survival Belt
  • Flint and Steel – Stored in the Leather Survival Belt.

Weapon/Spell Affinity:

Sword: S (4)

Shield: C (1)

Dagger: B (2)

Hand to Hand: B (2)

Thaumaturgy: C (1)


Elemental Affinity: 2 points to spend.

Fire: A (4)

Lightning: A (4)


Armor Affinity: 

Medium Armor: D (1)

Light Armor: D (1)

No Armor: B (3)


Picture of Ryner Lute from The Legend of Legendary Heroes.

Fang Blade and Wolf Blade concepts from Exotic Weapons forum.


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The waltz melody picked up a second source: a practiced hum, precise in its timing as a clock.


Kannadi approached with typically perfect poise, carrying the tune as well as her posture. She stepped into the shade of the gate not far from the stranger with the apple, only stopping the tune where it stopped itself.


"One of the more tolerable waltzes, if I had to judge them. Though they all look better in person than in the skin of a stolen apple."


She paused exactly long enough to emphasize herself.


"Here for the assignment, sir, or just the shade?"




Character Name: Kannadi Albedo

Armor Type: No Armor

Total # of items: 8

Weight: +0





  • Astrolabe - A clockwork mage's staff, all gears and curves around an aether-driven tellurion on a metal pole. Rotates when active.



  • Vanya Robe
  • Felt Cavalier’s Hat
  • Boarskin Ringbands
  • Vanya Sash
  • Felt Gaskins (Blue)
  • Spruce Pattens


Items, Usable:

  • Elixir x1


Items, Non-weighted:

  • Field Journal
  • Pencil-sharpening knife
  • Pencil x2


Weapon/Spell Affinity: 7/10

Thaumaturgy: A (3)

Conjury: A (3)

Dagger: C (1)


Elemental Affinity: 10/10

Fire: B (3)

Water: B (3)

Earth: E (0)

Wind: C (2)

Ice: E (0)

Lightning: C (2)


Armor Affinity: 

No Armor (4)

Light Armor (1)


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Fearless was strolling along some pier, he adjusted the tinted-goggles he wore to shade his eyes from the bright sun, when he heard an announcement of what sounded like a job opportunity.  He wasn't able to hear the request clearly over a group of lalafels arguing about who caught the most fish this morning.  So he followed the voice back to the crier and listened to the full request.


He thought about the current situation, his business with the Blacksmith's Guild was over and his family did need him back at the ranch to help with breaking in the new birds they got.  Finding some lost ship and her cargo could be long and boring but the reward wouldn't be that good if it was some dinky traders boat. 

The chance of adventure and excitement was too tempting for him to pass up.  The family will just have to make do without him for awhile longer. 


Fearless ran back to the inn he was staying at, changed into some more appropriate adventuring clothes, grabbed the rest of his belongings, paid for his room then headed off to the meeting place.


He swung his axe onto his left shoulder for better comfort as he made his way towards the gate.  As he got closer, he noticed a pair of hyurs waiting at the gate.  He walked to a spot close to the pair, placed his axe down head first and rested his hands on the butt of the shaft before he leaned his shoulder against a wall.


He has to tilt his head down a bit to look at the pair.  He greeted them, smiling at the pretty female hyur. "Yo! You two here for the recovery job too?"





Name:  Fearless Wynn

Armor Type: Medium Armor

Total Number of Items: 16

Weight:  +1

Weapons:  A steel double bladed battleaxe, a couple throwing axes and a pair of cobalt knuckles

Attire:  Tinted steel goggles, a cotton shirt, chain mail, leather jacket, belt, leather pants and steel-plated boots

Items:Water canteen, buffalo jerky, a sleeping roll mat, an iron pot, a ladle and backpack

Weapon Affinity:  Axe: A   Hand to Hand: A

Elemental Affinity:  Fire B  Wind: A Ice: C

Armor Affinity:  Medium Armor: 2  Light Armor: 2


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Tyonis raised a brow at the woman as she approached the Gate. Not many people in this backwater knew of Ul’dah’s finer forms of entertainment, much less the specific song he was whistling. When she loomed over him, the swordsman immediately recognized her aristocratic bearing. If her knowledge of fine music wasn't enough, her perfect poise and extraordinarily fine clothing were. There was no attempt to hide her up-bringing. Or perhaps she wasn't even aware of her stately habits.


He was surprised that she knew about the stolen apple - it meant either her eyes were sharper than most or that his skills in subversion were waning. 


"Probably a mix of both," he thought idly. But he did not outwardly confirm or deny the woman's observation. With practiced grace, the swordsman switched his grip on the dagger and carved out a large chunk of it and shoveled the piece into his mouth.


“Dunno what you’re talking about.” He finally replied, chewing visibly. Tyonis leaned back and began to close his eyes, thinking the conversation would end there, but after an embellished pose, she addressed him again. Instead of replying to her inquiry, the swordsman cleaved off another piece of the apple and gave her a dull, annoyed look that said: “Of course I am.”


Tyonis’ salvation came in the form of a Roegadyn whom he recognized but could not name. He turned his head toward the newcomer, with hope that the woman’s interest would be redirected.

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As it's been nearly a week now since the start of this thread and only 3 of the people of who volunteered have responded, I'm going to go ahead and give the okay for those 3 to continue on with the progression of the RP. Kanna, Fear, and Tyonis, please feel free to post your next posts so we may move this RP session along :)


Everyone else who has volunteered may still take part, your characters will just have to play catch-up or come in at a different point.

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"Good, good."


The roegadyn approached. Kannadi nodded to him.


"Yes, it seems that way. The work sounded promising. I'm not as well-versed on the local monster populations as I should be, so with any luck there will be several already at this... vessel. Aurelias, perhaps."


She removed her hat and dipped her head to the men.


"But I'm forgetting myself. Kannadi Albedo, of Ul'dah. A pleasure to meet you."

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Tyonis failed to suppress a gag when the woman introduced herself.


“Albedo – that explains everything,” he muttered. Tyonis knew her history through his studies of Ul'dah's noble houses during his short lifetime as the Magstrom heir. Kannadi was Albedo's only child and daughter, a family who held a Syndicate seat for three decades, and a product of the Lahar, an old lineage with roots in Ul’dah’s famous textile industry.


He recalled when the Albedo announced her birth. Such news spread quickly among Ul’dah’s people because many noble families saw the birth as a way to gain entrance into the wealthy house. In truth, the rules of succession were more pliable than many realized, but the news still spread like wildfire as every nobleman worth a lick of salt attempted to arrange a marriage proposal with the Albedo's patriarch and matron.


Apparently none of them stuck, Tyonis thought with a wry grin. The Silver Giant was known to be a hardass, even after stepping down from the Syndicate. He briefly wondered if his father attempted to fix Valen and Kannadi together. They are about the same age, he mused inwardly.


After Kannadi’s introduction, Tyonis slowly rose to his full height, just a little over six feet. He took one final bite of the apple before tossing the core over the side of the railing and into the ocean below.


“Name’s Tyonis,” he said curtly, while replacing his knife. “Hobbies include dancing and killing people.” He added with an afterthought.

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Fearless pushed himself off the wall he was leaning against and moved his goggles up to his forehead.  


"I think we'll only have to worry about the local beastmen and pirates."  he said.


He wiped his hand on his pants before extending it out in greeting. "I am Fearless Wynn but most just call me Wynn."

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Kannadi exhaled through her nose.


Her name explained everything, did it? Glorious. Twelve know what the everything is. And to what extent the explanation reached. Familiarity? No, none, never saw him before, not even at the parties -- unless he was among the help at one of them? Possible. Tangential social proximity. Would explain knowing the tune. Hmm.


"Yes... I'm sure it does," she said. Her diction was so precise she could pronounce an ellipsis.


She heard their names, and nodded to each.


"Mister Tyonis, Mister Wynn. Hopefully we'll be joined by others in short order. Three seems too small a group for something like this."

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At Kannadi’s statement, Tyonis chimed in.


“If the vessel isn’t run –a–ground, the three of us can sail her back to port,” the swordsman explained. 


“You can chart the course and steer the ship,” he pointed at Kannadi, “while the Roegadyn and I rig the sails. Shouldn’t be too difficult if the ship’s the size of a caravel or a small carrack.”


His last sentence was more speculative than informative.


Tyonis turned his head as he heard the floorboards creak to wordlessly announce the arrival of two more…




Since we are continuing this plot without the others, I wrote in an opening for Mtoto to introduce the NPCs who offered the job.

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Fearless held his hand out and waited and waited some more.  Not until after they had introduced themselves and time go by did he retract his hand to his side.


Try to be polite and nothing he thought pulling his goggles back over his eyes and resuming his position against the wall.


"Depending on the size of the vessel we could handle it but I don't think we will be the only ones going.  I'm pretty sure the owner of the ship wouldn't leave complete strangers alone with his property.  I know I wouldn't." he nodded to himself.

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"I apologize for my lateness, you lot~" came the sing-song lilt of one, Xenedra Ambreaus. "You can't imagine how difficult it can be to run off a handsy drunk when you're closing a bar without breaking a nose or some-such..." she trailed off as she took notice of each face. "Or maybe you can," she groused in a MOSTLY teasing greeting when her eyes landed on Tyonis. She nodded to him and then Fearless in turn, the second gesture coming across as much more respectful.


The third face brought a look of impish delight to Xenedra's features, "Kannadi~! Always a pleasure to see you, of course."

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Tyonis offered the red-headed Miqo'te a curt wave in reply to her greeting. When the two women began socializing, the swordsman leaned back on the wall, arms folded. In an effort to stem his boredom, he counted each wave as they lapped against one of the many pillars of rock that supported the city above the ocean.

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Wistfully, solemnly, she sighs. "The bar wasn't meant to be the important part... Bu~t I suppose I can't complain, since I didn't lose the place in the time I was gone." Another nearly soundless step found her within arms reach of Kannadi, but neither of the other two.


"What mischief have you been up to? -And don't try and give me that serious act~ Unless you've, in fact, be SO bad you'd rather not share in front of strangers..." She sets an arm across her chest to support the elbow of the set of fingers tapping her chin in oh-so-(not at all)-serious contemplation.

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Kannadi politely closed her eyes and inclined her head.


"Now now, I deliberately chose to de-emphasize the drunkard as a matter of..."


When she opened them again, Xenedra was suddenly much closer.


"Er, comfort."


She cleared her throat. As she spoke, she hooked her pinky finger into her collar and adjusted it for air.


"Act? You wound me. I'll have you know I've been in perpetual study of local... fauna...." Her eyes sought an escape and landed on the roegadyn of the party.


"So! Mister Wynn, was it? I presume you're a sailor?"

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Fearless turned his head towards the newcomer and nodded to her respectfully.


"Me? A sailor? Oh no Miss, I'm a rancher.  I help raise and train chocobos over near The Shroud.  Though I do kinda know how to sail a tiny fishing boat.  Read how in a book."

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Kannadi whipped out her journal and a pencil, glad for the distraction.


"Really! A man of productivity and learning both. Always good to see."


She flipped pages in a practiced hurry.


"I've always been interested in animal husbandry, but I've contented myself with study. I've a chocobo myself back home, but I didn't pay his fare this time." She came to a page and started scribbling shorthand. "With what breeds do you work? Rounseys? Coursers?"

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Taking a slight shock at being complimented and her knowledge, he straighten himself to answer.


"Well, we raise all kinds but most of our birds are used for personal transport or wagon hauling.  The Wynn birds a bred to have more endurance than your average one but we do get the occasional bird that would make a fine racer."  He said that with a sense of pride in it.  "The ranch also makes bardings and other chocobo equipment.  We have a good size herd of cattle that we maintain for the areas meat supply too."

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"Husbandry, eh?" Xenedra cocks a brow at Kannadi, a smirk pulling tightly up at one corner of her mouth. "Looks like you're out of practice in avoiding my snide comments, after all. I'll show mercy until you're up to speed again~"


She swings a leg about behind her to turn and gives the docks another once over. "Is it really only us?" Dropping her cheek to her shoulder, she looks back at the group and asks, "Have you met our employers yet?"

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Kannadi declined to look up as she committed Mr. Wynn's commentary to her journal.


"I haven't met them, no. I assumed that they would come in their own time, and that in the interim I might discover something of interest. Which I have."


She clapped her journal shut and stowed it in the recesses of her robe.


"Alec-something and Javeant were their names, if I recall correctly, but it isn't as though men wear their names above their heads."

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