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The Teahouse RP [Famfrit]

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**Disclamer: This Linkshell has nothing to do with an ACTUAL TEAHOUSE it was just the name voted on by the Admins and Moderators.**




Seeing as Famfrit is a small server compared to most and it’s hard to find RP as it is. We invite all Famfrit RPers and Non-Famfrit RPers to join our small growing RP LS!


With this Linkshell we will be trying to do the following:

- Help RPers find friends/partners/groups for RPing with.

- Hold RP events on a regular basis.

- Network to find other RP Linkshells on server to collaborate with.

For more information or to join you can contact these players below!


NA Moderators:

-Sugis Kevade / Suvi Kevade

-William Fedorason

-Tsagaan Chonos

-Darius Kinkaid

-Percival Artorias


EU Moderators:  

-Raven Hellkite ​

-Riaa Alteir

-Lu Hellkite

(Looking for a few more EU Moderators as well!)


Please understand, that I do not actually log into RPC often and sending PMs with interests to join the LS will probably be left unanswered for weeks and/or months on end.


If you are interested in joining the Linkshell, please join the Discord provided in the "Discord Information" tab or send a /tell to one of the Moderators above.

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Still active. /bump

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