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Silent Resurrection


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We Eorzeans believe the land is always shifting from periods of abundance followed by catastrophes that bring scarcity, and sometimes destroy entire civilizations. These periods are known as the Astral (abundance) and Umbral (scarcity) eras.  After the conclusion of the Seventh Umbral Era and the substantial losses including the Great Louisoix Leveilleur and the Warriors of Light, the world was once again at peace.  But at that cost?  With the Garlean Empire still determined to complete their task and the blessing return of the Warriors of Light to Eorzea, it is clear that peace this time will be earned through deed and toil.  With great foresight, the Circle of Knowing and the Eorzean Alliance took steps to make sure we would be ready to prevent further destruction to the lands and it's peoples.

With substantial assistance from the prophet Urianger, The Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Holy See of Ishguard, Silent Resurrection (SRFC) was born.  Administrated at the discretion of the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, SRFC endeavors day and night to see to the hope of sustained peace.


To learn more about Silent Resurrection, visit us at www.silentres.com

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