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(Balmung) The renounced Ishgardian.

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Ophelia Fournier (new look), was the daughter of a wealthy family. Her mother a strong willed woman who was as dangerous with her tongue in the matters of business as any soldier was with a sword in their hands. Her father, a life long temple knight who loved his only daughter with all his heart, in truth Ophelia was the only reason for his enlistment as he swore to never allow harm to fall on her. fFCSM

 It was soon after Ophelia saw her 18th summer that her mother started seeing her as a threat, since the death of her father during the final stand on the Steps of Faith. As her mother searched for new suitors to wed with the sole purpose of gaining more power through the marriage of another wealthy family, but was soon coming to the realization that her beauty was quickly becoming overshadowed with that of her daughter’s. Being the vain woman she was, and unable to simply allow another the spotlight the cruel mother started to work behind the scenes to erase Ophelia from any records that tied her to the family.

 The last thing she knew before waking up in the small outpost of Cloudtop was a large brute of a man knocking her out and whispering in her ear: “Happy birthday from your mother.”



 Hello! I felt like reworking my elezen here after letting her collect dust in the alts bin and I’ve have been recently looking for more rp partners/rp fcs and plots.



Am open to rp: Romance, casual, fluff, dark, mature, that one beach episode in every anime.



Characteristics: A bit snobby, refuses to accept her current status, compulsive liar( to a degree at least when dealing with people she doesn’t know), poor, does her best to look important.



Rp hooks: Past friends/enemy from Ishgard, Ophelia could be willing to serve a more powerful house then her mother’s in hopes of earning favor(This would be the most ideal), She’s in need of work (even if she won’t admit it)



Online hours: Weekdays 6pm-midnight est. Weekends all day for the most part.

If your interested please leave a message on here, or message me in game ^w^ (Ophelia Fournier)

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