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JP PS3 Beta Invites

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For those who don't peruse the FF14 subreddit,


It seems some one who signed up for the PS3 Beta received the key to apply to their account. Of course this doesn't change the date of Phase 3, just a reminder for anyone whose been keeping an eye out for themselves or others.


Here's a link to the post.


I'd be surprised if they didn't follow the same pattern as the previous waves and release JP then EU/NA (iirc the JP invites were at around 3000 before the NA went out).


Best of luck to anyone waiting on an invite, hope to see you all in Eorzea soon!

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Hmm... I'm having the same issue as these people. 1.0 player, 11:30am on Thursday, beta begins at 4 AM(for me) tomorrow and I still dont have a registration code, nor do I have access to anything to download the beta client/launcher.


:frustrated: My email refresh button is about to fall off.

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