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Lore and Flavor - Can It be Done!?

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I just joined up and it's wonderful to be around the RPC proper. That being said, I've been working on character design and while I have decided on a mental-scape and other such basic things I wanted the opinion of my future RP-partners about part of my character's design.


Hell I don't even know if this is the right forum to discuss it but here goes!



Full Name: Razeyha'li Venyhs (Third son of Razeyha Venyhs)

Aliases: Raze, Poet, Nightingale, Wordsmith

Gender/Species: Male Keeper of the Moon

Age: 25-27 depending on how I feel during Character Creation and stuffs!



Orientation: Heterosexual (I felt the need to include this after reading the census)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Religion: Abandoned his devotion to any higher being



Raze is, for all intensive purposes, is unable to speakclearly and plainly. He is a Poet, refusing to refer to himself as a being or a person in anyway shape or form. He denounced everything he once was and believed in. He turned his back on the man he used to be. Now he is a man whom has let magic(aether?) infest his form so much so that he is one with the elements at his command.


Metaphysicallyspeaking, he houses Fire, Water/Ice, and Lightning, ect. within him and thanks to a very acute sense of aetheric control, he can call upon them to take shape within the world much like every other Summoner out there.


When he summons hisIfrit-egi for example it's merely an aspect of himself (Anger, Passion, assorted other emotions) given a shape that he can understand (ergo why it looks like the regular summons and has all the same functionality).  This is not to say hecan create sentient beings from himself, of course, merely projecting a sliver of himself out into the world.


The aim is to just have a different reason solely for character flavor and RP for a commonplace thing like the summons. Of course his summons are just as confined and weak/strong as the 'real' ones. I'm not in anyway aiming to power-game or god-mode here!


I would really like some thoughts on this from y'all. THERPC after all is probably the best place to ask. I'm a Heavy Role Player, and I do want to stay within the general confines of the lore but if I can add my own little spin on existing mechanics solely for character flavor, I like to. So please let me know what everyone thinks!

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I was actually playing around with a similar idea. Some questions;


1. Does housing these energies have a detrimental effect on his psyche and/or physical form?

2. Does he have mastery over these powers or do they have mastery over him?


It is easy to do possession/possessor chars poorly, imo, but they can also be done very well! I see no reason to not try!

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Without giving out TOO much. (Can't have back-story posted all over the place after all. Y'all need to find out the hard way8-))


In a word, yes, housing so much aether at any given time I'm positive has detrimental effects. For one: it's taken control of basic body functions such as sleeping (he rarely is able to sleep a full night), eating (hard to digest mundane materials). Willpower, of course solves most of these problems in the physical sense. His psyche however, has been mutilated compared to what it used to be.


His view of the world is more then wrapped. He can only feel on the two polar opposite ends of the spectrum. Just as his alignment would dictate he's Lawful and Evil all at the same time. Whilst he's not crazy(per say) and he's not out there hearing voices, his perceptions are skewed immensely. To sum it up: Razeyha'li Venhys died one day (not literally) and the Poet was forged. Now, housing this aether and to such a degree had subdued most (if not all) of his humanity. Fun trade off right?


As for mastery: Yes, he does have mastery over the energies within just as any other mage would/could/should. I should also take a second to note that he isn't being possessed by any outside entity. Thanks for the interest though Magellan. I appreciate the response.

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