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Gekokujo Initiative <Geko>

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[align=center]Mansion Location: Mist Ward 14, Plot 15[/align]


We are a  humanitarian group lead by a Noble family of Hingashi. We are Samurai and Priests of the Four Guardians. We give shelter to those displaced by the Garlean Empire and teach our ways to those who wish to learn, may it be combat or our philosophy. We participated during the liberation efforts and still train folks to help in leading skirmishes to maintain Doma safe against the empire in Gyr Abhania and Othard. The clan operates from Eorzean soils, maintaining business and relationships with other influential families and individuals to continue our fight.

-Last Heir to the Ryuga


With the Ryuga family gone the Okamura family continues in their stead with the same goals put to heart. Where one is fell by the blade, ten more stand to take their place. The loss of the Ryuga bloodline, through a travesty, has made us no less willing to fight. My the sons and daughters of Doma find brethren across this star so we may find our way into tomorrow.

-Tatsu Torioi, Okamura Family Karo




Leader: Taluca Okamura

Type: Doman Clan themed. Med to Heavy RP FC with casual content on the side. 



Clan Backstory


Having fought for Othard 25 years ago, the Ryuga Clan returned to their lands to lick their wounds. Living in relative peace as they tried to grow and pass their ways of the sword, the bow, and the spear to those willing to learn their ways and philosophies tied to them and their patron deities. The Four Guardians. They dedicated themselves to their worship and their ways of compassion and kindness as the Garleans brought misery to all. However, their ways and their intentions would not go unheard and unnoticed. Months have passed since their ancestral home was raided and taken from them, members slaughtered as Lord Yahata, and his siblings managed to escape and scatter to the winds and away from Othard. 


Fighting their way to the Western lands, they have established themselves in The Mists in order to rebuild, form a resistance group against the Garleans, and open their doors to those who are also displaced by the Garlean wave of tyranny and suffering they've spread. Passing their ways to any and all willing to learn, no matter their beliefs, their origins, and race. Setting up a smithy, and preparing to open a restaurant to any wishing to experience a taste of Hingashi and Doma or give Easterners a place to feel at home.


Before the era came to an end the last of the Ryuga bloodline met its untimely fate. What remained are remnants of those loyal to the clan and the now widowed lady of the house. Taking up the name Okamura the newly formed clan seeks to raise from the ashes of its predecessors and continue with the values instilled in them by their heritages. Having traveled back home they found that much of their ranks had been Garlean loyalists, infiltrating their group. Returning once again to the Mists they set up a place where they can resume their fight.



FC Information


Gekokujo:  is a Japanese term for "overthrowing or surpassing one's superiors". It is variously translated as "the lower rules the higher" or "the low overcomes the high". 


Our goal is just that: We seek to give our members a long-term goal to work towards, as well as helping develop everyone else's personal backstories. We currently have a large house in the Mists.



**We are heavily PVE-RP oriented, and strive to RP out in the realm of Eorzea, as well as the Far East/Gyr Abania.


We strive to have weekly RP events and to have fun together to create an open, safe, and friendly roleplay environment.


The FC is 18+ so please be aware of any and all possibly mature content.**



Linkshell Information


[align=left]The Okamura Clan has an open door policy to those who seek shelter or wish to learn their ways. May it be the sword, the spear, or the bow. Or perhaps learn about their faith and the wisdom imparted to them by their deities. The faith is heavily based on Shinto Buddhism as well as their warrior code as Samurai. With warrior and priests that serve the clan there are also guests and allies who seek to aid in the fight. The Linkshell is an IC communication device given by the higher ups in the clan to allow inter-clan communications.For those unable or unwilling to join the Okamura Clan there is always a place to serve the fight.


[align=left]If interested, please contact the admins in game to set up an IC meeting or any further questions.


Taluca Okamura

Tatsu Torioi

Dalrona Faenrena

Hinagiku Toyotama


As a side note visitors are allowed within the compound, but only to certain parts of the mansion. Other areas would be guarded and difficult to gain access to, including the entrance which is kept watch over by servants and guards alike.[/align]

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