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Rules [OOC]

Nüür Khuudas

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Some rules you may be given one warning from an officer when they are found to be violated [1]. Some are grounds for immediate dismissal from the company [x].


Membership & Activity
     ☼ Currently, the membership cap is 35 active members (and 10 alternate characters).
     ☼ Any main character inactive for 30 days+ or alternate character inactive for 14 days+ without notice will be removed.
     ☼ Due to recent community trends, there is a currently a moratorium on 'war-faring' characters. Please check back later when the numbers of the tribe sects have stabilized.
     ☼ Qestiri or 'mute' characters are now under provisional admittance. 


Nüür Khuudas Rites and Trials
     ☼ The Rites are an integral part of NK RP and are expected to be pursued when appropriate. Certain Rites are required to be taken to obtain Ranks and permissions within the FC in character:
           -    The Rite of Entry is required to become a full member of the FC (Ahk Düü).
           -    The Rite of Naming is required to choose a path within the tribe (Ajil, Baildagch, and Tarialanch are options) and to pursue further rites and trials.
           -    The Rite of Courting and Rite of the First Mate are required for IC relationships, and preferably prior to starting a family (see Pregnancy document on Discord).
     ☼ It's understood that real life/OOC obligations will always comes first, but if there is a continued neglect of the Rites that is displayed both OOC while in the FC and ICly, we suggest applying at another time, otherwise the Tribe's consequences will be reflected on your character.


     ☼ Hateful or violent speech of any type will NOT be tolerated. This includes imagery or content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, spiteful, invasive of personal privacy, or objectionable in a reasonable person's view [x].
     ☼ Slandering your fellow tribe members or the tribe itself will NOT be tolerated [x]. 

     ☼ While not all within the tribe are guaranteed to get along, be aware of the IC/OOC line and do not let IC actions cause OOC tension [x]. 
     ☼ Treat others with respect outside the tribe, in duties, and other instances [1].


     ☼ Do not perpetuate drama or gossip. Being the source of constant drama (mainly pertaining to OOC activities that conversely affect in-game) will NOT be tolerated [1].

'Read the Room'
     ☼ On the whole, Nüür Khuudas is an OOC 18+ free company, which means the members within are expected at act with a reasonable level of maturity and a level-head.
           -    Know when 'jokes' are appropriate and when they are not [1].
           -    Keep political and controversial topics OUT of the FC chat or Discord [1].
           -    While we do not allow underaged persons in the FC out of character, there ARE in character children. Any underaged illicit activities or even tasteless joking in regards to persons underaged is NOT permitted [x].
           -    Know when to 'let go'. No one wants to be 'wrong', but disagreements happen. Drawn out disagreements will not be tolerated [1].


Roleplaying Standards
     ☼ Proof Yourself. To some, RP as truly an immersive experience, and nothing breaks that immersion more than broken or coded grammar and spelling. Sometimes typos happen, but excessive carelessness over a long period of time will eventually be grounds for removal as it cheapens others' experiences.
     ☼ Respect Consent. Metagaming (using OOC information to manipulate a situation ICly, or your knowledge of something becoming your character's knowledge without the character having reason to know it) and God-moding (forcing your IC or OOC will upon someone else's character without their consent, or performing an action on another character without it being an 'attempt') will NOT be tolerated [1].
     ☼ Know the Line. Maintaining the IC/OOC Line is an important part of being a roleplayer. Do not take things done in character as out of character rejection, attacks, acts of love, or any other thing. Remind yourself of the line so that you can stay on the proper side of it and enjoy all the ups and downs of your character's experiences [1].
     ☼ Related to the membership activity requirements, this is a Heavy roleplaying company. As such you should plan to attend events hosted, think of hosting some yourself, and also be around to get to know your fellow tribemates during slice of life roleplay. Showing up only at events or roleplaying with one person only to excess will result in removal from the company [1].


The rules are in place to maintain a fun, drama-free RP and PvE/PvP environment. The rules apply to actions performed in-game and/or the Discord channels. You will be asked to agree to them during your entrance interview. By agreeing to the rules, you accept that breaking them may result in removal from the FC, and in some cases there will be no warning given if the offense is bad enough.


Do not play the white knight. If you have a problem with something another FC member has said or done or think they have violated any of these rules, take screenshots and speak to an officer (Juliasra, Ahjier, or Yesulun) immediately. Do not bypass the officers when a complaint must be made. We'll do our best to get to the bottom of things, and you can remain anonymous.

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